Baker Tilly Stewardship Report Graphic Design

Annual Report Design for the Digital Screen

Accounting firm Baker Tilly partnered with Windmill Strategy to create a digital report for their Baker Tilly Stewardship program, highlighting how the firm invests in the future by giving back to people and the community.

Windmill Strategy wanted the digital-only report to be easy to read, so the entire report was created in a horizontal layout, perfect for digital screens, with navigational anchors throughout. Windmill designed the report to include custom infographics and illustrations to make the data more visually interesting, using bright, bold colors throughout the report to create a vibrant impact. Feature examples and case studies throughout the report highlighted different community outreach activities with photos from the events bringing life to the report. The clean, colorful report that Windmill Strategy created showcases Baker Tilly’s Stewardship in a fun, graphic way.

Services Utilized

  • Branding & Visual Design


  • Infographics and Illustration
  • Visual Design / Branding


  • Greater employee engagement
  • Faster distribution with lower print costs

graphic-design-by-windmill-design-baker-tilly-stewardship-spread6 graphic-design-by-windmill-design-baker-tilly-stewardship-spread5 graphic-design-by-windmill-design-baker-tilly-stewardship-spread3 graphic-design-by-windmill-design-baker-tilly-stewardship-spread2 graphic-design-by-windmill-design-baker-tilly-stewardship-spread4 graphic-design-by-windmill-design-baker-tilly-stewardship-spread1


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