We live for smart solutions, solid processes, data, and continuous improvement.

About Windmill Strategy (Windmill Design)

Windmill Strategy helps companies in technical industries surpass competitors and grow faster.

With a deep well of industry experience, our team provides sales and marketing leaders with the expertise and tools that’ll drive leads and close more business. We’ve built our strategic marketing consultancy around six interdisciplinary practices, buttressed by a foundation of continuous improvement. With Digital Marketing, Branding & Visual Design, Website Design & Development, UX Consulting, Marketing Automation, CRM & Sales Enablement, and Analytics & Insights, our team can transform your company into a lead generation and sales machine. Until recently, we went by Windmill Design. Learn more about our rebrand here

We thrive on helping people achieve and succeed.

We provide marketing services to organizations that are undergoing transition, in a collaborative, guiding environment. We empower our clients, and help them make marketing their competitive edge. We’re passionate about our work, and see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ teams. Founded in 2006, we work with growing and mid-sized organizations around the country, focused on organizations that deal with long sales cycles, complex offerings, and technical products or services.

Smart Solutions

Smart, right-sized, high quality solutions to complex marketing stories. We listen and understand our clients' unique needs.

Process Oriented

Reliable, continuously improving process. We take the time to do it right, reducing uncertainty.

Data-driven Evolution

Ongoing diagnostics and a regular cadence of results-driven data and analysis leads to smart decisions and solutions and continuous evolution.

Based in Minneapolis, Serving Clients Nationwide

We’re comprised of a talented and nimble team focused on results. Our tightly-knit group of talented professionals works together to offer the project management, marketing, design, content and web development mastery required to create impeccable work that functions as it should and presents your business in memorable, innovative ways that are right sized for your needs.

Our History and the Windmill Design name

In 2018, in addition to helping our clients, we evolved our own marketplace positioning. Amid fine-tuning the business, we narrowed our focus to serve companies with complex B2B products and services, and within technical industries. Previously, our history as a Minneapolis-based website design firm Windmill Design served us well as a web and digital marketing agency that helped a wide variety of clients and industries, but we found value in streamlining our marketing efforts to better reach and help some of our favorite types of clients, where we could make the biggest impact. We focused in on technical industries, which has always been a large concentration of our client base.



Our Process

Coordinating all the evolving elements of a growing company’s brand and marketing is a complex process. Windmill solves this with a time-tested design and development process. This process delivers tangible results along with an efficient and enjoyable experience for the marketers we work with. The result is a harmonious brand experience and relationships that grow with your company.

We strive to build a healthy relationship with each client, and it begins with an open and honest conversation about your top goals and needs. This discussion includes what’s a must-have, what’s a nice-to-have, and what’s on the roadmap for the future. We base our recommendations on a combination of real-world data, industry experience, and an ever-changing landscape of best practices to provide you with smart solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Our well-defined process keeps everyone on track and keeps you informed throughout your project so that you can meet your milestones too.

Working Collaboratively

We understand your marketing and business success are on the line. That’s why we’ve built our process in a way that makes your job more manageable, and projects more effective. Working together includes regular, efficient communication with open feedback sessions. We leverage screen sharing tools, interactive proofs, dashboards, and collaborative content review systems that allow consistent communication and information sharing across the globe, in real time. Our process keeps everyone on the same page, we avoid surprises, and you can have as much of a voice as you want every step of the way.

Our Team

One of our objectives is to make the process easy for you from start to finish. This includes our staff taking the time to communicate proactively, train you on how to use what we’re implementing, and being available to support your needs following the completion of a project. Team members you might work with include:

Kathy Kassera Mrozek


Tracy McCrory

Director of Project Management

James Grumish

Account Manager / Developer

Jackson Kelly

Account / Project Manager

Veena Chintaginjala

Account / Project Manager

Trevor Lucking

Marketing Coordinator

Nick Nelson

UX Strategist / Web Developer

Jed Jacobson


Jen Brigham

Developer / Designer

Robert Radtke

Web Developer

Matt Osterman

Content Strategist / Writer

Steve Deger

SEO / Digital Marketing

Aaron Dalrymple

SEO / Digital Marketing