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Industrial B2B web analytics: drive more leads and grow your business with precise marketing data

Analytics & Insights

Your website is the hub of your B2B digital marketing. For many prospects, your website is the first interaction with your brand. The site must deliver a great user experience (UX) and feature content your audience seeks to ensure prospects and customers return often. Website Analytics tells us what is working and where your best ROI comes from.

Through a structured continuous improvement process and conversion rate optimization(CRO), you can make sure your website provides a great user experience and features compelling content. Continuous improvement processes in digital marketing aren’t too different from the same methodologies you use to improve products and services. 

And as your most visible marketing tool, your website should constantly evolve into the most powerful signal to your audiences of what you’re the best at. Digital marketing is used to drive the right people to your website, but are users taking the right actions once they get there? 

We pay careful attention to performance and engagement metrics, seeking to continuously make every aspect of your marketing flywheel work smarter for you, to attract, engage, and retain your best customers. Three general areas of analytics include:

  1. Digital marketing – website analytics
  2. UX website analytics
  3. Website security and performance analytics

1. Digital Marketing — Website Analytics

Finely-tuned digital marketing website analytics ensures that all efforts are focused on driving qualified prospects to your site.

  • Is your online presence attracting the right customers?
  • Are your pay-per-click campaigns generating high-quality leads?
  • Are you optimizing your site for the best performing keyword phrases?
  • Who is visiting our website?

A strategic digital marketing analytics plan will help you get the most from your marketing budget while answering these questions and others. 

Tracking the right website analytics data will inform you if you’re driving the right traffic to your site, and keep tabs on tactics such as search engine marketing (SEM), email nurturing campaigns, content marketing programs, and social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) campaigns and more.

Website analytics are always reviewed with qualitative data from you and your sales team to ensure that delivered leads are the right ones. This happens through regular feedback and collaboration.

In addition to tracking your digital marketing programs’ performance, we look closely at your company’s marketing hub—the website.

User experience and engagement analytics help us discern how your users interact and experience your website.

2. UX Website Analytics

User experience and engagement analytics help us discern how your users (prospects) interact and experience your website. 

  • Do visitors watch your videos, download your content and complete contact forms? 
    • Do you know the best colors to use for call-to-action buttons, and what messages your visitors are most likely to respond to? 
    • How are website visitors engaging with your site; are their actions in line with your expectations?
    • Are website visitors reading your entire blog posts?
    • Which web pages attract the highest number of unique pageviews?
    • How many visitors are downloading your e-books or white papers and watching your videos?
    • Do visitors react the way we want on your crucial site pages; are CTAs clear?

To track every aspect of how your customers and prospects interact with your website, we use a broad range of tools to capture user data. By tracking how your visitors engage and react to site content, we can make adjustments that’ll drive more leads and improve lead quality.

3. Website Security And Performance Analytics

While ensuring that your website keeps pace with your business, sales and marketing goals and customers, you also need assurance your most crucial marketing tool is secure and operating at peak performance. 

  • When was the last time your website was updated?
  • Who has administrator-level access to your website?
  • Are your website forms sending notifications to the right people?
  • Does your website load quickly and display your content correctly?

For Windmill Strategy, the process of securing, maintaining and hosting your website is a responsibility we take very seriously. We focus on regular application/plugin updates, quality assurance, form testing, performance measurement and summary reporting that is designed to keep your website running smoothly.

Ongoing continuous improvement and closed-loop reporting

Every B2B marketing team needs a standing meeting to regularly discuss website performance metrics and make immediate changes in strategies or tactics to improve outcomes. The idea is to prioritize which activities will significantly impact website continuous improvement. Continuously enhancing your site also prevents it from becoming an outdated marketing tool.

You’ll want your website to continuously evolve to reflect changes in your business, sales and marketing initiatives, and changes and trends in behavior and technology that impact all website users.

Any digital marketing continuous improvement program relies on close collaboration and regular touchpoints between us so that we’re always abreast of lead quality and quantity, and upcoming changes in your business. We’ll meet monthly or more frequently to review feedback from your sales and marketing teams’ information together with analytics and performance data to prioritize which activities will make the biggest impact toward website continuous improvement in our next sprint.

Website analytics tools

To track digital marketing performance and make sure users are doing what we want them to do, we use tools like heat mapping, A/B testing, usability testing and analytics tools such as:

  • Google Analytics (GA4)
  • Looker Studio
  • Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • SEO auditing tools—Moz, SEMRush, Siteimprove, Screaming Frog
  • Keyword tools—SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, Buzzsumo
  • Advertising tools—Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads Manager
  • Usability and Heat Map tools—Hotjar, Crazy Egg, Optimal Workshop
  • Content performance—WP Engine
  • Accessibility—Siteimprove, accessiBe 
  • Click tracking and analysis
  • Website analytics software
  • A/B testing and analysis
  • Cloud-based custom dashboards

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