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About You

You work for a smart, sales-driven company that provides a top quality offering. You have a complex or lengthy sales process with layers of decision-makers.

You’re in a technology-driven or technical industry, or provide services to businesses within these industries — including industrial, manufacturing, industrial automation, technology, big data, artificial intelligence, life sciences, medtech, medical device, pharmaceutical, genomics, and precision medicine.

You provide specific, niche, technical or complex offerings to technical and discerning buyers. They may have titles like engineer, researcher, pharmacist, surgeon, and they have very specific issues that they need an expert solution for. Casting a wide net is not going to do the trick for you since you need to reach and engage a very specific audience.

You know that the landscape of sales and marketing has changed, and there’s an opportunity to take advantage of this within your organization and make it your competitive edge. But, time, bandwidth, and resources for marketing seem to be your biggest obstacles for using marketing to drive future growth.

You Have a Complex Offering That Only You Truly Understand

Because your services are complex and technical, it’s hard to find marketing expertise from someone who understands what you really do. You may be frustrated because your industry doesn’t attract the attention of big agencies. Either way, you’d rather work with someone smart and down-to-earth who really understands you.

Your team is passionate about the products and services that you sell, but they’re focused on how things are built. Your clients care about how it will serve their needs. You need someone who can distill the key metrics and information that your clients care about, and get it to the right people.

Your Audience Is Made up of Technical Buyers

While purchasing or upper-level management often writes the final check, engineers and technical staff often make the first decision about what to spec into their product or line, or which suppliers they trust for their expertise. They view talking to sales as a last resort and make at least 70% of their buying decision online using product information, datasheets, 3d models, case studies, and articles.

These technically-minded professionals are not swayed by emotion as much as they are by clear information. They won’t give you their contact information easily, and if they don’t find what they’re looking for quickly, they’ll move on to your competitors. The technical professional requires marketing that’s efficient, informational, conveys trust, and reflects the quality of your offerings.

You Lack the Time to Learn and Implement New Marketing Methods

Digital Marketing is just part of what you oversee in your day-to-day work. With the effort needed to keep materials up to date, you don’t have time to study, focus, and implement the new strategies presented every day.

With a small team, it’s difficult to work closely with sales reps to make sure everyone’s on the same page. It’s even harder to reserve time to create a digital strategy that aligns sales and marketing with organizational growth goals.

You Dream of Digitally Transforming Your Organization

Digital transformation looks different for everyone. For you it could mean getting sales reps out of spreadsheets and into a CRM, showcasing your products for purchase online for the first time, or attracting more inbound leads from marketing. You’re closer than you think — all you need is a push to get you there. Don’t let strategy, reporting, or execution hold you back any longer.

How Windmill Strategy Can Help You Succeed

We’re a marketing agency built for companies in technical industries. The organizations we work with understand that B2B sales have moved online. Our clients are on their journey: to transform their sales and marketing, to work together, and to embrace the new digital paradigm.

As marketers, our mission is to help you grow and protect your bottom line. At Windmill Strategy, we do this by learning your business first. This knowledge enables us to tailor a solution for your needs, taking into account budget and return on investment. When you work with our team, the experience is always collaborative, honest, and growth-orientated.

We’ve helped businesses like yours find their competitive marketing edge.

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