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“How Much Does It Cost?”

“How much does it cost?” is an important question, second only to “will it meet my needs.” Our approach strategically brings the two together — we believe in smart solutions, and not trying to oversell anyone a service that they don’t need. By uncovering your needs first, we’ll use our expertise to diagnose your unique situation, and create a custom scope of work with you that guides the extent and depth of our work together in an initial project and future phases.

Types of Engagements and Ballpark Ranges

There are several types of engagement for which we have well-defined estimating processes for, including website redesigns (typically a one-time project), and iterative inbound, digital marketing and growth-driven design (GDD) approaches to improving your sales and marketing performance over time.

We prefer to build custom solutions and plans that meet our client’s needs and goals. There is a time and place for templated, themed and canned packages, however, we find that nearly all of our clients prefer and are seeking the custom solutions we deliver.

If you read no further, here are ballpark ranges for what to expect your project to cost based on the most common types of projects below:

Website Redesigns (One-Time)

The scope and complexity of these projects can vary significantly, with engagements typically ranging from six figures on the high end for very feature-rich or large-scale sites with multiple integrations, to $31,000 on the lower end for high-performing, marketing-focused websites with simpler functionality needs. There’s a wide range in the middle of these extremes, and that’s where most projects fit.  Expect a website redesign project to last from two months to a year on the extremes, 3-6 months being most common.

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Digital Marketing Strategy Quick Starts (One-Time)

When we’re not starting with a website redesign project for a new client (i.e. you already have a recently updated website or are primarily seeking digital marketing services), we’ll start with a diagnostic approach to better understanding your goals and unique situation to create a short-term digital strategy that will inform the recommended monthly engagement to follow (below). This diagnostic project costs $3,900 no matter the size or type of organization. Expect this project to take between four to six weeks in duration.

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Inbound, Digital Marketing and Growth-Driven Design Engagements (Recurring)

These programs are unique and defined per client based on the makeup and resources of the client team, and the areas in which Windmill will be actively affecting your performance (aka how much work we’ll do monthly which correlates to the business size). A typical engagement may range from $21,000 monthly on the high end to as low as $2,700 for a more foundational approach. Plan to invest in this work for at least 6 months, truly indefinitely if you want marketing to be a revenue generator for your business, or you may begin to take some of the work internally over time.

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So long as there’s a comfortable spot in the above ranges, let’s talk further. If you’re unsure if you’re a fit or on the fence, reach out; we’ll be honest and transparent if we can be successful working with you, as in life there are always exceptions. If we don’t think there’s a great mutual fit, we’ll at least point you in the right direction with a few referrals to other great agencies to connect with!

What Impacts Pricing?

Creative and marketing work can be done on a continuum of effort from marginal to extensive, and everything in between. The variables that affect pricing are ultimately time and resource-based (how much time and effort Windmill is dedicating to the project at hand). The more requirements or responsibilities (for Windmill) there are within a project, the longer it will take to implement and likely more people will need to be involved in it, meaning the cost will start to rise.

This leads to our “sales” process below; we aim to be transparent in our pricing so you can better understand what impacts the estimated pricing of your project to make more informed decisions about where best to invest based on value. We’ll help you navigate the value of different deliverables and guide you through to a final number for our estimate.

What To Expect During the “Sales” Process

Most people don’t like to be “sold” to after filling out a form or call to start a conversation. We also don’t like to “sell” in the traditional sense, so our process for what happens after you engage us initially is very objective and aimed at collaboratively developing a scope of work that balances cost and benefit to ensure mutual fit for the project at hand.

Step 1: Raise Your Hand

Fill our a form or give us a call to share some preliminary information on what you’re looking to achieve. We’ll review or discuss to make sure there is a good fit, or share a referral to another agency that might be a better fit if the project isn’t a fit.

Step 2: Initial 30-Minute Consultation (Free)

We’ll set up an initial 30-minute consultation aimed at gathering more detail about your project that will help us put together some preliminary estimates and scope definitions, and identify any other unique next steps our teams will take together.

Step 3: Preliminary Scope Options

We’ll schedule an hour-long meeting to walk you through our company background and positioning (and why it’s relevant and provides value to you), as well as our process overview. We’ll also review a few different scope options with preliminary estimates for our work together. These options will form the basis of scope that we build collaboratively, to prioritize our efforts where they’ll be the most impactful to you.

Step 4: Full Proposal (or Statement of Work)

Once we receive feedback and find alignment on the options presented, we’ll prepare a formal and full proposal that will include greater detail and things like the terms and conditions.

We’ll work to clear any other hurdles or concerns in working together before we all agree to proceed, after which your designated signer will accept the proposal digitally to get started.

All of the above are generalities, of course. We’re happy to discuss specific scope and pricing options that suit your needs, just get in touch.