I worked with Windmill Strategy to redesign Path Robotics’ website. Our old website has a 90%+ bounce rate, the average time spent on the site was around 30 seconds and our MQL conversion rates were below the industry average.

Windmill’s team of experts worked with me to put together a lead-gen-focused plan and executed it with professionalism. After we launched the website, our bounce rate fell to around 75%, average time on site increased to over a minute, and MQL conversions are on the rise.

I would, without hesitation, work with Windmill again on future projects.
Matthew WolfeDigital Marketing Manager, Path Robotics
In our first discussions with Windmill I said what we were looking for was depth of experience in all the areas required to make a site which would be a great marketing tool. We couldn’t have asked for more from everyone on your team, from project management, graphic design, user experience, copywriting, importing of media, site functionality, and ease of maintaining the site in the future for us. It took a wide variety of skills, and your team is very talented and professional. I’ll speak for Progressive that we’re fully satisfied!
Jeff ChandlerPresident, Progressive Systems
Really great experience working with the Windmill team on our website redesign. Incredibly talented, detail-oriented, and organized. I have been a part of multiple web redesigns in my career and this one was by far the smoothest and most successful. Highly recommend this agency!
Julia CampanaManager, B2B Marketing , Portico Benefit Solutions
Great team to work with! Very responsive and nice work!
Jennifer BraunMarketing Manager, Reelcraft Industries
Many thanks to the entire Windmill team for leading us through our website project! From the outset of our website project, we were seeking to improve our organic performance, and wanted a partner that had experience in implementing HubSpot. While it's too soon to measure an increase in organic traffic, we have a solid foundation and analytics in place to review and make continuous improvement. A harder to measure outcome of this project is the value added to the internal sales team in the way of more images, links, and specs/information available to send to prospective customers.
Murray FussellMarketing Manager and Sales Executive, Halco USA
My client is a small manufacturer of industrial materials. I looked at a significant number of agencies who have expertise in B2B technical marketing, web design, Wordpress and HubSpot. Windmill was the best choice and our project experience with them proved that out. Our progression through the project was efficient, very well managed and we are happy with our new website. The project team was professional and responsive. Now our challenge is to improve our SEO position and drive more organic traffic. I look forward to working with Windmill's marketing team to lift organic traffic above our historical baselines.
Doug SeimR&D and Market Development Executive and Principal, Halco USA
The team at Windmill is fantastic! When we set out to build our new site, the objective was to build a simple, clean website that better established our newer division in the market, and Windmill delivered just that. Communication with Windmill was far better than past experiences, and we were very satisfied with Emily and the team throughout the project. I've launched several websites over the last 16 years, and this was one of, if not, the best website experiences I've worked on. Thank you for your assistance and service!
Omar IlseverGeneral Sales Manager, Sentry Air
When we set out to find a design firm that would help build our company blog site, Windmill stood out from the beginning as a team that would not only design a beautiful, optimized site, but would also serve as a thought partner in the process. They did just that, guiding us with branding decisions, consulting about design decisions and really fine-tuning the smallest details for us. With their persistence we were able to launch the blog a week ahead of schedule!
Torie Rusche Content Marketing Specialist , Endress+Hauser
If you are looking to partner with a team that is organized, detail-oriented and talented, then Windmill Strategy would be a good fit! They delivered an awesome blog site for us that met our technical industry needs. The team members were great to work with, remaining flexible and supportive along the way. Super pleased with our end result!
Morgan SizemoreDigital Marketing Specialist, Endress+Hauser
The Windmill Strategy team exemplified true professionalism at all stages throughout this redesign and rebranding process. They truly understood what we were trying to accomplish and executed well. I believe a lot of the success came about by the time they took early in the process to understand not only our industry, but our customers as well.
Dave WiegandDirector of Sales and Marketing, ETI
I’m convinced we had the best development and marketing professionals possible. All of you at Windmill and Hutman have been a pleasure to work with. Your competence, organization, reliability, and attention to detail are beyond reproach.
Steve ReisCEO, Holland Supply Company
I've been working with Windmill since last July, we needed a way to reach more customers. They have revamped our website optimized our SEO and ran countless campaigns for us. The results of this work have been tremendous, they really know what they are doing. It is also a great group to work with.
Todd BauernfeindPresident, Summit Engineered Automation
Because we are a specialized engineering/manufacturing company, not everyone knows how our products work. Marketing a restaurant or selling t-shirts is easy. Specialized products, not so much. Unlike other companies, Windmill provided us with a report at the initial quoting phase with statistics and comparisons of our competitors in our industry. We were completely blown away at their attention to detail and it's carried over from beginning to the end. We've just launched our website a few days ago and there's no way we would've been as successful if we hadn't hired them.

Note: I was advised by many to look for a local marketing firm since we're based in Rhode Island and Windmill is based in Minnesota. I can say that hiring local really doesn't matter and you shouldn't be worried if you've found a trusted source like Windmill Strategy. The online meetings have been absolutely great. They have great tools that make it easy to input your information that helps keep everything organized.

If you're looking for a website design and strategy company to increase your traffic flow while updating your company's brand or starting from scratch, let Windmill Strategy handle it for you. You'll be soooo glad you did!
Cindy DeJesusContract Manager, Primary Flow Signal
Windmill is the perfect combination of a personal and professional team. I enjoy their collaborative approach to website work and the final results they produce are gorgeous.
Sarah BrouillardAssociate Director of Corporate Communications, Upsher-Smith Laboratories
I have worked with Windmill over the past 9 months on branding, marketing and a full website design. This group has been absolutely phenomenal to work with. From the first meeting through implementation of each project it as been first class along the way. The team stays engaged and helps you walk through all of the different steps and options. I can't recommend them enough for their work!
William EricksonBusiness Transformation Manager, The Bainey group
Windmill did an excellent job developing our company's website. They were highly-organized, cost-effective, and able to maintain a strict project guideline. Windmill was extremely responsive throughout the entire project and their team's expertise and wide-base of knowledge played a critical role in our successful "refresh & relaunch".
Justin RattnerVice President, Dover Tubular Alloys, Inc.
We wanted to thank you and the rest of the crew for doing an OUTSTANDING job on the website. It was a huge undertaking and we couldn’t be happier with the results and the process...
Marissa SapegaSenior Marketing Manager
I would HIGHLY recommend Windmill for all website design and marketing. They are a great agency to work with. All staff is very knowledgeable and very responsive! They stick to their timeline, and the final cost was within the estimated budget. We are very excited with our new website.
Cassie McKenzieSales & Marketing Representative, McNally Industries
They’re very realistic about what level of investment we should be putting into our website based on the size of our business. Their suggestions were aligned with what we were looking for. Overall, they were great communicators, good listeners, and fantastic collaborators. That made the project run pretty smoothly because we could have honest conversations about what we wanted to do, and they were able to steer us in a direction that made sense.
Riley HarlanPresident and CEO at Symtec
Our experience with Windmill has shown them to be highly competent, responsive, professional, polite and most of all effective. They were tasked with designing and implementing a website with more technical requirements than most and I am very satisfied with their results. Highly recommended!
Mark RedeniusAvery Weigh Tronix
We have been working with Windmill Strategy on a complete ground up web design and all new marketing collateral. The Windmill team has proven to be an experienced and effective partner in the Med Devices space to accomplish our corporate goals in a compressed timeline without sacrificing quality. We are a medical device company and our products are technical and need good supporting writing and visual support. Windmill Strategy has done an excellent job in ensuring our company branding and message resonates with our customers. They LISTEN and DELIVER high quality work.
Tom MonetteCMO and sales VP, Radux Devices
We're a small business offering specialized services that require a non-standard approach towards our marketing strategies and goals. Windmill Strategy has consistently met our changing demands for website development, powerful marketing techniques and search engine optimization. Over the past 3 years, Windmill Strategy has continued to shine with innovative quarterly traffic and lead summaries that allow us to focus on our goals and really give us an edge in a competitive market. They're a great team!
Paul O'HaganMinneapolis Steel Door
Working with Windmill has provided us with a new outlook in the digital marketspace and how we can achieve better results. They listened to our marketing plan, understood it and developed a plan that is aligned with our marketing goals and objectives. I would highly recommend that any manufacturing company meet with Windmill to see how they can help you.
Scott BinleyIntegrated Marketing, Intek Plastics
Responsive, quality work, seeks to understand, valued partner
Kevin WiersmaAvery Weigh Tronix
I love our new website–its functionality, design, and back-end organization but the best part was working with everyone at Windmill. I had fun–I looked forward to our meetings. I was impressed by how focused and attentive the staff was to matching the character of our website with the character of our company and to what our needs were. I know you have a ton of clients, but I felt like I was your only one. You remembered things I said at our first meeting months later and always seemed to care what I said in our meetings. Wow. Thanks and great job. I am so happy I had the opportunity to work with you.
Mary VancuraSenior Engineer, Beton Consulting Engineers
Their responsiveness is great. Our last IT consultant definitely worked on his own time, but Windmill isn’t like that. I only have to ask them once to do something, they get it done right away, and if they need more than one person working on it, they make it happen. I never have to worry about something slipping through the cracks. They’re very reliable.
Sara GirardMarketing and Communications Director, AIP Publishing
Their team of developers and designers is solid. They were able to quickly address the issues without much difficulty or contract amendments within code another developer had done for our website. This was certainly very helpful to us, and we plan on continuing our work with them for web site maintenance because they're so nice and easy to work with.
Marketing Manager
It was excellent from start to finish, and you completed our project early even though other vendors had insisted our schedule was impossible. Plus, the website looks great.
Troy TradupCommunications and Quality System Manager, Aspect Automation
We enjoyed working with everyone at Windmill and appreciated that there was a team of people to bounce ideas off of. They were accommodating and willing to meet in our space and theirs as well as conference calls to plan the details with our website. To this day, if we have questions, they’re always there to help. Windmill has boosted our confidence when telling people to “Check out our website!” and we feel proud to show it off. Thank you, Windmill Strategy Team, for your efforts in making our website user friendly and attractive to the eye. We’ve had many compliments on our website!
Dan SchultzVice President at Watson-Forsberg
Windmill met the many challenges of our project, and we launched earlier than anticipated. The team was creative, attentive to detail, and very responsive to our needs throughout the development process, after we went live, and for ongoing needs. It was a pleasure to work with Windmill and we highly recommend them.
Ellen RikerSenior Vice President, CRD Associates
Thank you for all the support your team has given us with our website! It’s been fantastic we plan to keep our business with you guys for a long time.
Brock NolandBrock Noland, phData
I just want to let you guys know how incredible it has been working with you. You have a heck of a company and group of people, and you will be the first recommendation I have for anybody looking for full-service graphic design firms. Everybody is extremely impressed with the site, VIGs, truck wrapping program and so forth. None of this is even close to possible without you guys being an incredible partner in all of this. Thank you to your team for always being so adaptable to USI’s ever-changing needs and providing such top-notch quality and service.
David KlarichSenior Marketing Specialist, USI
I have been very pleased with Windmill. I am amazed at how much we have accomplished together without ever meeting in person!
Howard RatnerExecutive Director, CHOR Inc.
It is a pleasure working with the Windmill Team!
Jane DrigansCOO, Resultants for Business, Inc.
I wanted to let you guys know that we’ve received lots of positive feedback on the new chemed.org site from our Board members and volunteers. Our staff is excited about how easy it is to update and how good it looks. Thank you for everything you’ve done thus far to get the site up and running!
Kate LarsonCommunications Specialist, Chemical Educational Foundation
I have used Windmill for two websites and have been very happy with the results.
Kathryn HammondConsultant, Whitman Advisors
Windmill is an amazing company and they are always so very prompt, helpful and knowledgeable.
Linda PocsikWeb Content Manager, Kellen Company
I was thinking about Windmill last night, and I was thinking that I am fortunate to work with you and your staff. I thought, that after interviewing over 20 web design companies in the Twin Cities, how glad I was to have selected Windmill as our marketing partner. I’d like to share with you my perspective. As a consultant, for the past 50 years plus, I have served over a hundred different companies of all fields, 3M, Target, coffee shops to consumer product manufacturers and even other web design firms. Windmill stands out amongst all of them. The Windmill staff have been good teammates. They understand communications and marketing strategies and they help plus it up. They make our ideas better. They help me carry the clients’ message to its customers. It makes my job easier and more fun. Day to day Tracy has been a joy to work with. She has great communication skills and she knows how to execute. I look forward to her thoughts and insights. You already know that you have a great asset. I thought that you should hear it from me. I appreciate and value this relationship.
Oleh ArtumPrincipal / Strategic Marketing, AA Consultancy
Josh, our CEO, loves what you have been producing. And that means he wants you to do EVERYTHING now. Thank you!
Anna LourisSkyline Medical Inc.
I want to thank you and your crew for making Rebecca and me look good today! The new website got applause in the board meeting. You guys did a great job. Thanks again!
Tony AlvesAries Systems Corp
I’ve worked with Windmill on several different projects for various organizations and each time I have been impressed with their project management skills. They are easy (and enjoyable) to work with, while always keeping us on track and on task. And what’s more, the end result has been a beautiful, intuitive and well designed product.
Tony AlvesDirector, Product Management, Aries Systems Corporation
Windmill does high quality work and is a pleasure to work with.
Zsolt SilbererPartner & Practice Lead, Incite