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Windmill Strategy helps post-startup life sciences companies grow faster by developing websites and digital marketing that generate higher-quality leads and shorten the sales cycle. We’ll collaborate with you to build a thoughtful, tailored strategy that drives customer engagement and builds trust.

Understanding Your Needs

Our approach acknowledges complex marketing challenges and helps clarify and prioritize goals.

Ambitious business goals. Big dreams. Overstretched marketing teams—often a team of one. This is the reality for many manufacturing and industrial companies, and it’s a reality that we’re accustomed to. At Windmill Strategy, we’ll meet you where you are. We’ll build a nimble industrial digital marketing strategy that prioritizes ROI and guides you toward digital marketing success through modern websites, tools, and initiatives that address your unique needs.


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Case Studies

How our process has worked for other B2B life science, pharma & biotech companies

Life Science Web Design & Development

Successful life science websites make complicated messaging compelling for busy audiences.

A life sciences industry website must be designed to resonate with distinct, multiple audiences, with differing objectives, whose time is precious and who have varying degrees of medical, scientific, or technical knowledge. Whatever mix of healthcare professionals, technicians, investors, scientists, administrators, and patients you seek to reach, we can help you turn features and benefits into compelling stories. Infographics and illustrations are often useful tools for conveying complex processes in an understandable way. A clean, modern UX with clear navigation will make it easier for users to sort through the information and follow their own journey through content that is relevant to their needs and concerns.

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Why Windmill Strategy

We’ll help you provide your customers and prospects with a great digital experience that engages your distinctive and varied audiences.

Detailed strategies tied to measurable KPIs, tailored messages that inform and influence every audience segment, content that transforms technical jargon into differentiated, memorable stories, websites that help you stand out from the competition and generate trust, a tailored marketing plan that includes inbound and ABM, specific to your unique needs, consistent messaging across your marketing channels and materials — website, sales enablement materials and sell sheets, presentations, PPC and targeted digital marketing ABM, and materials for virtual conferences or in-person trade shows. Through a continuous cycle of measuring results and adjusting tactics, we’ll help you drive more visitors to your website, engage them with relevant content, and convert more high quality leads.

Establish Leadership

To outperform competitors and attract talent, your website should stake out a clear, credible position and show that it is a forward-looking industry leader.

Showcase & Engage

Offer an impressive, rich experience that helps technical audiences find information and solutions quickly. Educate, inform, and inspire your ideal customers.

Generate Leads

Layer in brand strategy and leverage brand perception. Fine-tune the website to attract quality leads, and connect to the CRM and MAT for marketing and sales nurturing.

Use Better Tools

Better tools mean better load times, strong UX, functionality for languages and distributor portals, and edit-ability and flexibility as a marketing tool and to support sales efforts.

Not sure where to start?

As a full-service digital marketing agency for medical, biotech, medtech, pharmaceutical, genomics, and other life sciences and healthcare companies, we’ll collaborate with you to establish a strategic digital marketing plan that prioritizes your goals and determines the best practices and tactics to achieve them. Whatever your most urgent need—website redesign, agile website improvements, an evolution of your branding and messaging, SEO, paid search, ABM, B2B digital marketing, marketing automation—we’ve got you covered.

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Trust & Compliance

The best life science web design experiences help build trust.

Trust and compliance are essential in any industry, but absolutely crucial in the medical industry. Physicians and other clinicians need to be confident that they’re using the best tools, and patients need to trust that they’re getting the best-quality care. Scientists, engineers, and other technical audiences need to have confidence in what they select and recommend. In addition to providing life science web design experiences that build trust, we’re familiar with legal requirements such as HIPAA-compliant forms, content review and approval, disclaimers on testimonials, and other nuances specific to the industry.


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Building Relationships

A custom website is a platform for targeted digital marketing.

To those unfamiliar with your offering, your website represents everything they know about your brand. A custom web design developed to meet buyers’ needs and instill trust is crucial to establishing and building customer relationships in today’s marketing landscape.This strong brand presence will provide a hub for precisely targeted digital marketing campaigns that drive quality leads, and marketing automation will help to harness and nurture those leads. Windmill Strategy has years of experience guiding clients in the life sciences toward successful web design and digital marketing. We’ve developed strategies and implemented plans that showcase our clients’ expertise and demonstrate the benefits of complex offerings with modern tools and techniques.

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Smart Solutions

We listen to your unique needs, then deliver smart, high-quality solutions that are right-sized to meet your objectives and your budget.

Communication & Collaboration

Open, honest communication is at the core of every engagement—ensuring there are no surprises. Collaboration throughout keeps everyone focused on a common goal, allowing your team to gain new skills and knowledge at every stage.

Powerful Processes

Our proven processes and the entire team’s commitment to continuous improvement lead to increased efficiency, delivering innovation and excellent results while keeping projects on schedule.

We have been working with Windmill Strategy on a complete ground up web design and all new marketing collateral. The Windmill team has proven to be an experienced and effective partner in the Med Devices space to accomplish our corporate goals in a compressed timeline without sacrificing quality. We are a medical device company and our products are technical and need good supporting writing and visual support. Windmill Strategy has done an excellent job in ensuring our company branding and message resonates with our customers. They LISTEN and DELIVER high quality work.
Tom MonetteCMO and sales VP, Radux Devices
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