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Life Sciences and Medical Web Design & Development and Digital Marketing Solutions

As a marketing leader with a medical device, biotech or pharmaceutical company, you know how challenging it can be to connect with busy decision-makers such as physicians, health care administrators and senior leaders. Through deep experience within the fast-evolving life science, medical device and pharmaceutical industries, we’ll help you identify the pain points of every market segment and craft compelling value propositions that’ll resonate with customers and prospects.

70% of prospects have already visited your website, downloaded datasheets and read your case studies before they contact you.

We’ll Help You Create:

  • Detailed strategies tied to measurable KPIs
  • Tailored messages that influence and inspire every audience segment
  • Content that transforms technical jargon into differentiated, memorable stories
  • Websites that help you stand out from the competition and generate trust
  • Consistent messaging across your marketing mix — print, digital, trade shows — and sales operations

Through a continuous cycle of measuring results and adjusting tactics, you’ll drive more visitors to your website, learn to create content your customers will crave, and convert more prospects into raving fans.

Generate Higher Quality Leads, Grow Faster

Our clients tell us they’ve never been so overwhelmed with things to do and impossible goals to achieve. Through collaboration, we help you create, clarify and prioritize your marketing to-do list. In the process, we’ll teach you to “fish” and become more effective. You’ll generate higher-quality leads, improve customer engagement and grow your bottom-line.

Every digital marketing project begins with a marketing strategy, which directs how we combine three essential ingredients of the plan: Sales Enablement, Web Design, Content Strategy.

Building Trust and Ensuring Compliance

Trust is essential in any industry, but crucial in the medical industry. Physicians need to be confident that they’re using the best tools for the job, and their patients need to trust that they’re getting high-quality care. At Windmill Strategy we’re familiar with the legal requirements such as HIPAA-compliant forms, content review and approval, using proper disclaimers on testimonials, and other nuances specific to the industry. Talk to us today to get started.

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Before and After Story: New Website + Digital Strategy Triples Organic Traffic, Paid Leads

Our work started with correctly positioning Pairnomix in the mind of their audience by telling the story of who Pairnomix is, what they do, and why they do it. Then we helped them create a new user-centric website that makes information easy to find, and easy to understand for a wide range of audiences. Following the website launch and digital marketing strategy implementation, Pairnomix (now Q-State Biosciences), experienced a 300 percent increase in organic traffic and paid leads, at no additional monthly ad spend.



"We worked with Windmill to redesign the website for the National Association of Epilepsy Centers. They met the many challenges of our project, and we launched earlier than anticipated. The team was creative, attentive to detail, and very responsive to our needs throughout the development process, after we went live, and for ongoing needs. It was a pleasure to work with Windmill and we highly recommend them."
Ellen RikerSenior Vice President, CRD Associates
"Josh, our CEO, loves what you have been producing. And that means he wants you to do EVERYTHING now. Thank you!"
Anna LourisSkyline Medical Inc.

What clients are saying about us...

Based on 28 reviews
Harry Samuel
19:23 08 Nov 19
Great people who will make a difference in marketing your products and services.
Mark Redenius
18:00 22 Oct 19
Our experience with Windmill has shown them to be highly competent, responsive, professional, polite and most of all effective. They were tasked with designing and implementing a website with more technical requirements than most and I am very satisfied with their results. Highly recommended!
Cindy DeJesus
17:25 22 Oct 19
I was tasked at my job to find a website design team to give us a complete new makeover. We are an Engineering/Manufacturing company with 4 sister companies. I interviewed several different companies but as soon as I spoke with Kathy, I knew I had found the right folks for the job! Because we are a specialized engineering/manufacturing company, not everyone knows how our products work. Marketing a restaurant or selling t-shirts is easy. Specialized products, not so much. Unlike other companies, Windmill provided us with a report at the initial quoting phase with statistics and comparisons of our competitors in our industry. We were completely blown away at their attention to detail and it's carried over from beginning to the end. We've just launched our website a few days ago and there's no way we would've been as successful if we hadn't hired them. Note: I was advised by many to look for a local marketing firm since we're based in Rhode Island and Windmill is based in Minnesota. I can say that hiring local really doesn't matter and you shouldn't be worried if you've found a trusted source like Windmill Strategy. The online meetings has been absolutely great. They have great tools that make it easy to input your information that helps keep everything organized. Jackson was our project manager and helped us to stay on top of the schedule and sent friendly reminders and scheduled regular phone call updates. Jen is the queen of design and she is very good at capturing what you describe on paper. Matt is their copywriter and he was able to capture of essence, tone and vibe we wanted on our site to the T.If you're looking for a website design and strategy company to increase your traffic flow while updating your company's brand or starting from scratch, let Windmill Strategy handle it for you. You'll be soooo glad you did! Cindy DejesusPrimary Flow Signal, Inc.
Tom Richert
19:20 10 Sep 19
We enjoy working with Jackson and the team at Windmill. They are a valuable partner in keeping our digital communications a vital way of staying connected with the industry.
Kevin Wiersma
21:04 11 Jul 19
Responsive, quality work, seeks to understand, valued partner
Tom Monette
18:38 11 Jul 19
We have been working with Windmill Strategy for 4 months on a complete ground up web design and all new marketing collateral. The Windmill team has proven to be an experienced and effective partner in the Med Devices space to accomplish our corporate goals in a compressed timeline without sacrificing quality. We are medical device company and our products are technical and need good supporting writing and visual support. Windmill Strategy has done an excellent job in ensuring our company branding and message resonates with our customers. They LISTEN and DELIVER high quality work.
Kent Fichtner
15:29 03 May 19
I have been working with the people at Windmill Design for a few years. We first moved our website site to them for hosting. It was extremely simple and Kathy and her team were consummate professionals. I had many bad experiences with other companies charging a huge amount and giving us no help.We are now working on a brand new website and every meeting and email I have had with them has been proactive. They are always prepared and ready to go (they also answer really strange questions about capabilities of what websites can do).I plan to keep our business with them and as projects come up, use them for assistance.Thank you,Kent

Great Marketing Strategies Begin With Knowing Your Audience

Whether your customers are physicians, health care administrators or senior leaders, the success of your marketing strategy depends on how well you appeal to their needs. We’ll closely work with you to identify key decision-makers and discover what motivates them to buy.

With this information, our experienced team will craft and shape a marketing strategy consisting of several tactics that’ll engage and influence your prospects. From a cutting-edge website optimized with educational content to digital marketing tactics that will connect and convert, we’ve helped numerous businesses within fast-growing industries such as yours.

Turn Technical Jargon Into Compelling Stories

One challenge for life science, medical device and pharmaceutical businesses, is attracting the right traffic to your website. With niche offerings and a narrow audience, you don’t want everyone landing on your site. However, your website is the doorway to long-term client relationships — the place where you capture prospect attention with jargon-free content and compelling stories. And finally, you can harness marketing automation tools to nurture your prospects over time as you convert them from visitors into customers!


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