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Life Science Web Design & Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for life sciences such as medical, medical devices, biotech, or pharmaceuticals can be complex because your story needs to resonate with distinct audiences. Your life science web design needs to be able to speak to the scientists, investors, hospital administrators, medical practitioners, technicians, and patients who will visit your site. This audience can be extremely busy. They also tend to be interested in different features or benefits and possess varying degrees of medical and technical knowledge. We’ll help you turn complicated messaging into compelling digital marketing for life sciences that resonates with your unique audience.  

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We’ll Help You Create:

  • Detailed strategies tied to measurable KPIs
  • Tailored messages that inform and influence every audience segment
  • Content that transforms technical jargon into differentiated, memorable stories
  • Websites that help you stand out from the competition and generate trust
  • A tailored marketing plan that includes inbound and ABM, specific to your unique needs
  • Consistent messaging across your marketing channels and materials — website, sales enablement materials and sell sheets, presentations, PPC and targeted digital marketing ABM, and materials for virtual conferences or in-person trade shows

Through a continuous cycle of measuring results and adjusting tactics, we’ll help you drive more visitors to your website, engage them with relevant content, and convert more high quality leads.

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Generate Higher Quality Leads, Support Sales, Grow Faster

Our clients tell us they’ve never been so overwhelmed with things to do and impossible goals to achieve. Through collaboration, we help you create the perfect digital marketing for life sciences strategy. We help you clarify and prioritize your marketing to-do list, with a transparent process to teach you new skills along the way. Most importantly, you’ll generate higher-quality leads, improve engagement and grow your bottom-line results.

Every life science web design or marketing project begins with a sound strategy, based on a combination of best practices and your unique needs.

How Can We Help You succeed?

Building Trust and Ensuring Compliance

Trust is essential in any industry, but crucial in the medical industry. Physicians need to be confident that they’re using the best tools, and patients need to trust that they’re getting the best-quality care. Scientists, engineers, and other technical workers need to have confidence in what they select and recommend. In addition to providing life science web design experiences that build trust, we’re familiar with legal requirements such as HIPAA-compliant forms, content review and approval, disclaimers on testimonials, and other nuances specific to the industry.

Make Marketing Your Competitive Edge

Before and After Story: New Website + Digital Strategy Triples Organic Traffic, Paid Leads

Our work started with correctly positioning Pairnomix in the mind of their audience by telling the story of who Pairnomix is, what they do, and why they do it. Then we helped them create a new user-centric life science web design that makes information easy to find, and easy to understand for a wide range of audiences. Following the website launch and digital marketing for life sciences strategy implementation, Pairnomix (now Q-State Biosciences), experienced a 300 percent increase in organic traffic and paid leads, at no additional monthly ad spend.



We have been working with Windmill Strategy on a complete ground up web design and all new marketing collateral. The Windmill team has proven to be an experienced and effective partner in the Med Devices space to accomplish our corporate goals in a compressed timeline without sacrificing quality. We are a medical device company and our products are technical and need good supporting writing and visual support. Windmill Strategy has done an excellent job in ensuring our company branding and message resonates with our customers. They LISTEN and DELIVER high quality work.
Tom MonetteCMO and sales VP, Radux Devices

The Process Starts With Identifying Your Audiences and Their Needs

Windmill Strategy has been helping medical professionals implement plans in digital marketing for life sciences for years. We’ve guided professionals in medtech, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, genomics, and precision medicine and medical device companies to create user-focused life science web designs that allow companies to showcase their expertise and demonstrate the benefits of their offerings with different messaging for different user types. For example, hospital administrators have a different level of understanding, and a different set of objectives than general practitioners, nurses, or patients. Infographics and illustrations are often useful tools for conveying complex processes in a way that’s easy to understand, generating further trust.

It’s important to recognize that your custom life science web design represents your entire brand to those unfamiliar with you. When you have a strong brand presence, it’s similar to a doctor with a strong reputation in the community. Just hearing the name will instill trust in those who are thinking of working with you.

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Turn Technical Jargon into Compelling Stories

A challenge for biotech, life sciences, medtech, medical device, pharmaceutical, genomics, and precision medicine companies when considering the best life science web design is driving the right traffic to your website. With niche offerings, you’re not trying to get every person in the world to come to your site, but are looking for a highly specific audience. You want your website to be a place to start client relationships. To achieve that goal you need marketing campaigns that appeal to the right audience, as well as marketing automation to help harness and nurture new leads.

You need a website and digital marketing that produces business results.

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We believe in choosing the right tool for every job. Below are a few of our most important tools, certifications and partnerships.
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