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Medical Website for B2B Pharmaceutical Company

Pharmaceutical Company Upsher-Smith Launches New Website to Support Growth, Attract New Partners

Pharmaceutical company Upsher-Smith needed a new website design that communicated its growth and expansion of the company’s portfolio of generics. Its previous website was built on older, somewhat unstable technology that employees couldn’t easily update. The solution was a custom, responsive, WordPress website with a modern design and intuitive navigation that improved user engagement.

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Services Utilized

  • Analytics and Insights
  • Web Design & Development


  • WordPress
  • Filtering/Advanced Search
  • Alert Bar
  • Medical Legal Regulatory Review
  • Speed Bump for Offsite Links


  • Improved user experience
  • Modern look-and-feel
  • Enhanced admin editing

About Upsher-Smith

Upsher-Smith Laboratories is a trusted, 100-year-old U.S. pharmaceutical company that strives to improve the health and lives of patients through an unwavering commitment to high-quality products and sustainable growth. Since 1919, it has brought generics and brands to a wide array of customers backed by an attentive level of service, strong industry relationships, and dedication to uninterrupted supply. In 2017 the privately-held Maple Grove, Minn. company, was purchased by Sawai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Situation: An Aging, Difficult to Edit Website Needed a Redesign for Better Positioning

After Sawai Pharmaceutical Co. purchased Upsher-Smith, the company needed a new website designed to tell its corporate story and showcase the manufacturer’s capabilities and the expanding portfolio of generic and other drugs.

  • Because Upsher-Smith isn’t a direct-to-consumer pharma company, Upsher-Smith finds that potential business partners, physicians, pharmacy executives, buyers and prospective employees are the main audiences that seek out their website for information on the company.
  • One of the company’s primary objectives was to engage B2B prospects in licensing and purchasing products and cultivating long-term partnerships.
  • Additionally, the existing website reflected an older web design aesthetic that needed modernization.

“Thanks so much to you and your team for helping us get over the finish line! Everything with the website redesign went really well.”
Sarah Brouillard, Associate Dir. of Corp. Communications

Solution: An Optimized, Content-Rich, Responsive Website Redesign with WordPress

To quickly design and build a new website for Upsher-Smith, we chose the CMS WordPress for its flexibility and ease of daily maintenance. Pharmaceutical companies move swiftly through new products, announcing emerging partnerships, and featuring research & development projects. And WordPress is ideal for small and midsize companies with small communications teams. Additionally, with the company’s audiences accessing its site on smartphones, WordPress easily accommodates responsive web designs.

The design solution conveyed a sense of industry leadership in areas such as generic drug development and manufacturing. Knowing that prospects visit the site to validate the company’s credibility after sales calls, trade shows and meetings, the business development staff needed a website that reinforced industry strength and experience.

At the same time, Windmill Strategy created a robust SEO strategy around branded pharmaceutical terms to attract more physicians and pharmacists to the site, and differentiate the company from competitors. For instance, developing and optimizing new content for search terms such as “pharma go to market strategy” or “pharmaceutical business development” will help Upsher-Smith drive potential partners to the site.

Solving the Healthcare Industry Legal Review Process

As a pharmaceutical company, Upsher-Smith has strict legal requirements related to indications (statements about the use of a drug treating a particular disease). That meant all website content had to pass a formal M/L/R (Medical Legal Regulatory) review. Employing an innovative tool called Veeva Web to PDF, we developed an efficient system that converted web pages into PDF form and automatically routed the pages to the review team, saving time and expense.


Pharmaceutical Website Design Homepage Upsher Smith

Pharmaceutical Website Design Interior Page Upsher Smith


Pharmaceutical Website Design Case Study Upsher Smith

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