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We help manufacturing and industrial companies identify and engage technical buyers and senior leaders with persuasive and effective marketing tactics that help position you as a leading supplier in your industry segment. The result: you’ll stand apart from your competitors, generate more leads and proposals, and close more business.

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Industrial and Manufacturing Digital Marketing, Website Design & Development Solutions

The industrial, automation, robotics and manufacturing industries are complex, and often have complicated offerings and buying cycles. Windmill has the industry experience to communicate the value of your products and services with clarity and precision. Upgrade your marketing. Contact us today

Balancing Specifications with Possibilities and Case Studies

Your clients may be smart, but this doesn’t mean they’ll draw a clear line between your products or services and the outcome they hope to achieve. This puts the burden on you to show the value of your offerings while providing sufficient specifications for engineers and technically-minded buyers. Custom and OEM products and services require case studies and detailed information to show how what you’ve done in the past applies to their unique needs.

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Your customers, just like your business, are technical, sophisticated, and full of great surprises. Your marketing needs to reflect this.

We help amazing businesses in numerous technical and B2B industries including industrial, manufacturing, industrial automation, technology, among others reach the absolute pinnacle of their marketing potential. In order to fuel stronger lead generation and retention, you need to engage and empower your niche audiences, offer a great digital experience, share relevant information that speaks their language, and completely avoid marketing fluff and irrelevant B2C strategies.

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Working with Windmill has provided us with a new outlook in the digital marketspace and how we can achieve better results. They listened to our marketing plan, understood it and developed a plan that is aligned with our marketing goals and objectives. I would highly recommend that any manufacturing company meet with Windmill to see how they can help you.
Scott BinleyIntegrated Marketing, Intek Plastics

Before and After

Windmill Strategy created visual branding that gave Symtec an edge over the competition, while helping them tell the most important parts of their story. Symtec was able to solidify its position as a market leader. Its website design and brand identity now reflect its dedication to quality and innovation.





"The team at Windmill did a great job of listening to our needs and clearly communicating their plan. They were patient with us through the revision process and did a great job of staying on schedule. The final result better fits our evolved company and feedback from customers and prospects has been great! Our new offerings are covered and the site gives us legitimacy in the market. "
Riley HarlanPresident and CEO at Symtec

Windmill Strategy has the expertise to translate technical jargon into a compelling story.

With B2B custom products, services and solutions, you need to provide a balance of specifications and possibilities to provide confidence that you can solve the engineer’s or technical specifier’s problem. The goal is to provide enough information to entice them to pick up the phone or start an online chat, instead of moving on to the next website that answers their questions in more detail.

Another challenge is driving traffic to your website. With technical and niche offerings, you’re not trying to get every person in the world to come to your site, but are looking for a highly specific audience. You want your website to be a place to start client relationships. To achieve that goal you need marketing campaigns that appeal to the right audience, as well as marketing automation to help harness and nurture new leads.


"Windmill has made an impossible deadline a reality. The team at Windmill created a visually impressive and highly functional website as well as designed our company’s technical data sheets for marketing purposes. The staff is knowledgeable, professional, efficient, supportive, and fun to work with. WordPress has proven to be so easy to work with that Windmill has been able to train me to manage our own site. illunis, LLC is now in the stages of pursuing the second phase of our website, which would include a detailed product finder and a reliable language translator. I would highly recommend using the many services that Windmill has to offer."
Inside Sales RepresentativeInside Sales Representative, Illunis Gigapixel

Windmill Strategy creates digital marketing strategies and websites that turn visitors into customers.

You want to get the right traffic to your site. That’s why our marketing strategy starts with identifying your target audience, their challenges, and how they communicate. This understanding helps us flesh out the needs of the engineers, purchasers, or other personas you’re targeting so we can build an efficient and focused plan. This plan leverages web design, SEO, and content marketing efforts to attract and convert your ideal audience. With your goals, messaging, and marketing tools in sync your business will flourish.

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