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Summit Engineered Automation (Summit) is an experienced provider of integrated custom robotics solutions that help enhance customer manufacturing processes. They’ve been in business since 1998 and know their niche and clientele well.

Despite their success, Summit still had a big problem: their website wasn’t serving them the way they wanted it to. They were starting at zero, with no previous digital marketing experience and next to no significant SEO rankings to speak of. They were receiving almost no actionable leads via their website, and wanted to take big, bold steps to improve their online presence and begin to pull in the larger jobs they knew they could handle. That’s why they came to Windmill Strategy. We put together a comprehensive plan for them that included digital marketing strategies that addressed incremental updates to their website, SEO, PPC, directory referrals, social media, automation, analytics, reporting, and email marketing.

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Services Utilized

  • Digital Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Paid Media
  • Social Media


  • Gated Content
  • Case Studies
  • Replatformed Website


  • 632% increase in users
  • 68% MoM lead increase upon launching ad campaign
  • +444 Ranking Keywords
  • +71 Top 100 Ranking Keywords
  • 340% increase in pageviews
  • 196% increase in Sessions
  • 10-15 MQLs per month generated from website by third month of engagement
  • Bounce rate down 28%

About Summit Engineered Automation

Summit Engineered Automation has made their name over the last twenty years as a provider of custom, integrated automation and robotics solutions. They operate as a partner in automation with their ability to apply cutting-edge tech and thinking to their customer’s unique needs. They support a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to medicine, plastics, electronics, manufacturing, and product development.

Situation: A Nonexistent Digital Presence

Summit had a problem: they wanted to move into the world of digital marketing to boost their business and bring in larger leads. The reason this was a problem was because, up until the point they contacted us, they had never engaged in any digital marketing activities and had no existing significant SEO rankings. They had recently changed business names and URLs, and old domain was indexed, but not the new URL. As a result of leaning solely on sales instead of marketing, too much of their business was with Tier 2 clients in a five-state region and that they had the capacity to take on larger local and national jobs. They just needed help attracting those potential jobs through their website and overall digital presence.

Solution: A Comprehensive Month Over Month Digital Marketing Strategy

Developing a digital marketing plan from scratch can be complex. Deciding where to begin and where to focus your efforts is a large part of a successful plan, so that’s where Windmill Strategy started when it came to figuring out Summit Engineered Automations needs.

Any digital marketing efforts would lead prospects to the website, so that’s where our recommendations started. We looked at their site and utilized our proven Digital Marketing Quick Start process to develop a three-pronged strategy to help drive visitors toward engagement, without delaying the work with a full-scale website redesign. The three areas of incremental improvement were the content, user experience, and functionality. Recommendations included:

  • Adding content to market pages that focused on benefit statements 
  • Using gated content as a way to create soft conversions and capture email addresses of potential prospects 
  • Creating clear, new content for their market-specific, case study, and application-specific pages 
  • Increasing the boldness and noticeability of on-page calls-to-action 
  • Using HubSpot to provide exit intent and lead-flow soft conversion opportunities 
  • Migrating from to for access to better SEO functionality 
  • Improving site’s technical SEO, with a focus in migrating to the new domain using 301 redirects

SEO efforts were a major part of our digital strategy for Summit. The objective was to elevate the visibility of their website in both local and organic search results. Strategies employed included: an audit of their current organic SEO visibility that included competitor analysis, keyword research that picked out highly relevant and widely searched terms, and the resolution of any issues impacting Local 3-Pack SEO. The research was used to optimize existing and create new site content that was capable of elevating their organic visibility. 

Summit wanted to go all-in with their digital strategy, and that meant not just settling for organic traffic which can take time to improve. In order to gain traction quickly, we concurrently launched a PPC plan, focused on Google Ads, to generate qualified leads and widen the breadth of their brand visibility. We set up a new Google Ads account for Summit, running tightly focused, high-intent-driven search ads as well as retargeting lists. Summit was interested in pulling in new clients nationwide, so we used both regional and national PPC campaigns. Directory recommendations and backlink opportunities further supported awareness and SEO efforts. 

Social media was used to drive soft leads like case study downloads while educating prospects about the unique benefits of what they offered. Audiences were defined and core lookalike audiences were found. Further suggestions included promoted tweets, retargeting ads, LinkedIn promoted content, and targeted sales outreach

Since these changes guided by Windmill’s Digital Marketing Quick Start have been made, Summit has noticed a number of marked improvements. They’re having an easier time developing relationships with potential new customers, and have noticed an improvement in both the number and quality of leads they’re recording. As we continue to refine and grow their digital marketing presence, feedback from their sales team as well as a reporting dashboard provide actionable data. Our team will use that data to analyze and continuously improve Summit’s digital marketing strategies and tactics into the future.



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