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Website Redesign and Digital Marketing for a B2B Industrial Supplier of Specialty Fasteners

Increased Lead Quality and Quantity through Website Redesign, Digital Marketing, and HubSpot Integration

As a growing business, Halco USA had found that their previous B2B website, built on the assumption that a prospect would almost immediately connect with a sales representative, was not doing enough to guide buyers through their journey. The new website gets information into the hands of engineers and purchasing agents quickly and efficiently, contributing to increased lead quality and quantity.

Halco USA chose Windmill Strategy, which ended up as the mid-priced option of three possible partners, because of Windmill’s SEO chops and experience with HubSpot integration.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • PPC
  • SEO


  • Blog/News
  • Custom Design
  • APIs and integrations


  • Session Duration Increased by 44%
  • New Users Increased by 25%
  • Sessions Increased by 13%
  • Organic Conversion Rate is 4.39%
  • Organic Traffic Bounce Rate is 50%
  • Improved User Experience
  • Modern Look-and-Feel

About Halco USA

Halco USA is a manufacturer, supplier and converter of specialty reclosable hook and loop fasteners for automotive, aerospace, medical, hygiene, print and display, and general industrial use. The company stocks in excess of 10 million yards of hook and loop tapes, including many specialty products, and ships to every U.S. state, all Canadian provinces and Mexico.

Situation: “Brochureware” Website Offered Minimal Technical Data to Engineers and Purchasing Agents

Halco USA’s website offered little in the way of a customer journey. It was built on the outdated assumption that visitors to the site would almost immediately engage with a sales rep to discuss the technical aspects of their fastener needs. The site was difficult to update, and it gave short shrift to SEO considerations. A complete website redesign was necessary to transform the website into an engine for engaging customers and prospects, generating leads and guiding sales, prior to a rep stepping into the process.

Solution: A B2B Website Thoughtfully Redesigned For Flexibility, Searchability, and Efficiency

B2B Hook and Loop Solutions Provider HALCO Mobile ResponsiveThe new website was built in WordPress, with Gutenberg blocks, to offer flexibility on all pages. The product pages are built as custom posts to accommodate categories and subcategories for filtering. Industry pages—automotive, for example—describe Halco’s experience and expertise with hook and loop applications in the industry and offer the opportunity to request a sample kit. Additional industry and product pages can be easily created to rank for certain keywords.

On the product pages, we implemented forms to show up in pop-up windows, so that the user never leaves the page while filling out the form. All forms are integrated with Halco USA’s HubSpot account, for direct integration with their CRM, and closed-loop reporting. We streamlined the process for gated content by creating one form that serves up different PDFs, so that Halco USA doesn’t need to create a different form for each piece of content. The information is all tracked in one location.

For customers who might be searching for a specific SKU, we built a template for searchable, filterable product detail charts. Since one product can have more than 30 sub-SKUs, varying only in length, width and/or color, creating individual product pages for each of those sub-SKUs would be redundant and unwieldy. The searchable chart allows each sub-SKU to be found by Google, and visitors to the page can also easily filter and sort to find their highly specific product. An example of the chart is at the bottom of the page for nylon woven hook and loop tape.

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Windmill helped Halco USA redesign and upgrade their website to fit their current needs and anticipate future growth. Robust product information can now be found online, so the user can easily and efficiently find what they need, and then easily contact the sales department when they’re ready. Halco USA can easily add more products and pages to the site, giving them the flexibility to continue expanding.

Results: Increased Lead Quality and Quantity

The new website has been well received, and the Halco sales team is pleased with the added value that a website with more images, more links and more information, including downloadable specs, provides to them and to customers and prospects. Two major goals were identified at the beginning of the redesign project, to improve lead generation and to optimize SEO keywords. To meet these goals, Windmill and the Halco team focused on increasing qualified leads through form submissions for quotes, samples, and downloadable technical specs, and improving their ranking overall in organic search to rank for product lines and keywords. Post launch, Halco has doubled their organic presence within the past 12 months and they’re continuing to see a nice, steady increase in keyword rankings. In July 2021 Halco was ranking for 381 keywords with 27 on the first page of SERPs. As of July 2022, Halco was ranking for 691 keywords with 43 on the first page. Halco is also using PPC marketing and paid search users have a solid 2.88% conversion rate.

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