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Web Design & UX Design

Your website is your most visible brand asset and the hub of your marketing program. To drive leads and sales, your site must provide clear information, generate trust, and engage visitors through an elegant user experience (UX) and compelling content.

Through custom web design practices, we balance your site’s visual design look-and-feel with modern usability and SEO principles to create smooth interactions for prospects, customers, marketers, and website admins. 

Custom design also means your B2B industrial or manufacturing website won’t look anything like your competitors’ sites. We design your website to reflect your brand’s look and specific content, UX, and feature needs — rather than trying to retrofit an off-the-shelf template that gets you close. 

We’ll create user experiences (UX) that quickly orient visitors to what you offer, capture their interest, gain trust, and guide them to the content they seek. When this happens, you’ll increase your lead quality and quantity from your website, and convert more prospects into sales.

Quality B2B Web Design Creates a High-Performance User Experience

Our UX strategists understand how technical audiences — engineers, scientists, or surgeons — interact with websites, as well as the other audiences that are involved in any buying decision. We look closely at user flows and information- finding patterns to optimize how visitors locate information and navigate your website. These insights and findings influence the site’s final design and functionality.

Moreover, to create websites that attract and captivate your audience, we build them so anyone can maintain the content, without needing to know HTML or consult a complicated how-to manual. The result: you won’t get frustrated when your team has to update content, which will allow you to keep your website more up-to-date than ever, turning it into a better and better marketing tool. 

Responsive Design

As we have for over a decade, our web design process focuses on the browser sizes that your customers use most while ensuring a seamless experience on all sizes and devices.

Custom Website Design

Most technical and industrial companies wouldn’t expect one-size-fits-all services or off-the-shelf products to fulfill every customer’s needs. In the same way, we steer away from off-the-shelf designs and functionality. We’ll collaborate to create a work scope that fits your unique website needs while knowing when it doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel. Our flexible process produces excellent results that meet your goals and provide a clear ROI.

The Web Design Process

The design process begins with a collaborative meeting to discuss your business goals, target audience, and website functionality. We start by developing a strong website strategy specific to your company’s needs, including customized sitemaps, wireframes, SEO and content strategy, and then guide the web design and development process through iterative proofs and feedback rounds, to testing, QA and deployment.

Our web designers work alongside our web developers, SEO strategists, and content writers, collaborating every step of the way. A few of these steps include initial brainstorming and testing on multiple browsers, phones, and tablets to ensure user experiences are intuitive and without frustration. 

Features and functionality, from product catalog filtering and sorting to lead generation forms, are always considered from user experience, visual and development perspectives. The goal is to strike a balance of superior user experience and unique visual design.

The scope can range from targeted on-site changes to an existing website as part of a digital marketing program, to small microsites and landing pages, to robust e-commerce websites — and anywhere in-between.

Common Features

  • Product filtering
  • Product compare
  • Product configurator or tooling wizard
  • bidirectional content relationships
  • My parts list
  • Distributor search
  • Distributor portals
  • Personalization
  • Gated content
  • Calculators or tools
  • Document libraries
  • Dynamic PDF generation
  • Quote forms/Quote carts
  • Advanced search
  • E-commerce
  • Localization/translation
  • Landing page builder for PPC campaigns
  • GDPR and CCPA Compliance
  • WCAG and ADA Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliant solutions
  • WordPress Website Security & Maintenance
  • Managed Cloud Hosting
  • APIs and Integrations

Common Integrations

  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Pardot
  • ERP and PIM systems
  • CRMs and Marketing Automation tools
  • HR and ATS tools
  • Google Maps
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Accounting and payment systems; Stripe,
  • Custom APIs
  • And many more…

Common Platforms and Frameworks

  • WordPress
  • Concrete5
  • Shopify
  • HubSpot
  • WooCommerce
  • Laravel
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Custom Website Development

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