B2B Logistics & Transportation Company Website Redesign

B2B Logistics & Transportation Website Redesign Gives Better Foundation for Quality Content Creation

GlobalTranz recently made a large acquisition and, when looking at folding content from their acquisition into their existing website, found themselves frustrated with the challenge. Their old site wasn’t flexible enough for such a complex content migration, so they decided to have a new site made to meet those specific needs.

They wanted their website to solidify their online presence as a professional, formidable logistics provider and partner. To accomplish this, they came to Windmill Strategy for help. After speaking to their team, we developed a strategy that focused on sitemap reorganization, copy clarity, and instilling the manageability and flexibility needed for future growth.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • Content Migration
  • SEO


  • Beaver Builder
  • Flexible Theme
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Advanced Navigation
  • Marketing Automation System Integration
  • Gated Content


  • Improved user experience
  • Modern look-and-feel
  • Enhanced admin editing

About GlobalTranz

Founded in 2003, GlobalTranz is one of the country’s leading full-service transportation and logistics providers. Tens of thousands of customers use their fast and reliable transportation and supply chain services. Efficiency, technology, and empowerment are all priorities to this global brand that’s represented by over 120 premiere LTL carrier partners and over 34,000 active truckload carrier partners.

Situation: A Site That Couldn’t Grow With Them

GlobalTranz came to us wanting to refocus their efforts on creating quality content that told a story. While this project wasn’t focused on creating that content, it was focused on making sure any content they created would be seen by the right prospects. What they needed was a site that connected content to customer without too much fluff in between.

Their previous website wasn’t capable of the flexible scalability they required. They had recently acquired another company and wanted to make sure that when they made future acquisitions, product rollouts, or other changes, that their site could actually keep up.

Solution: A Flexible, Scalable, Custom-Designed WordPress Website

The most unique part of this project was that we built their CMS using a powerful and scalable page builder called Beaver Builder. While we’re more likely to recommend a site built within WordPress-native Gutenberg tooling, the reason for choosing Beaver Builder was simple: the team at GlobalTranz had a design and development background, and were already well-versed in using tools similar to Beaver Builder. Their background knowledge about what they were asking for and collaborative effort used during development gave us the ability to create a solution to meet their exact needs.

Beaver Builder also gave us the ability to create the flexible modular blocks requested so that, in the future, they’d be able to easily create new content to the scale they needed to fit their acquisition plans.

The other big focus on this project was migrating the content from Cerasis.com, a recent acquisition, into their main GlobalTranz site. The process involved a complex redirect process to make sure nothing was lost during the process of transition and development.

When it came to re-tooling their navigation, we made choices based on their three main target audiences:

  • SMB transactional and enterprise shippers needed to be directed to the technically-focused content and straight forward price comparisons they wanted
  • Carriers wanted easy pathways to software solutions, so easy-to-follow drop down pathways were developed
  • Contact information for agent recruitment teams was highlighted for agent prospects that wanted to talk about tech and back of house operations

Overall, the experience working with GlobalTranz was one of agile collaboration and flexibility — both for the new website and for us.

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