Minneapolis SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

It goes without saying, your website needs visitors in order to be effective. You can attract more of the right kind of traffic to your website with smart SEO strategies that drive more leads.

If we build and launch a new website for you, or take over management of your existing site, we ensure that it’s optimized for search engines, so that your site ranks highly in search results for the queries your prospects are making. The work that’s done to optimize your site covers a lot of ground.

  • Keyword research
  • Website and digital marketing audits
  • Search ranking reports (with competitive analysis)
  • Content mapping and keyword planning
  • On-page optimization: Author title tags, alt tags and meta descriptions
  • Off-page optimization: backlink analysis, reviews and citations
  • Local SEO

A customized approach

SEO is not a one-and-done project, nor is it one-size-fit-all. Each business and client needs a customized approach, particularly B2B companies or those with highly specialized offerings, and niche audiences. Our in-depth understanding of your marketing goals, as part of any project, allows us to customize the most effective plan that makes the best use of your marketing budget, prioritizing lead quality over simply driving traffic. We use a two-pronged approach. First, driving targeted, specific traffic to your website and making sure that it’s the right traffic. Secondly, ensuring that the website destination guides visitors to engage (and ultimately convert) with your brand.

We work with you to optimize on-site SEO during the initial launch through a thoughtful and customized approach of marrying what your best customers are searching for with what’s both visible and under-the-hood on your website. During new site launches we ensure that Google carries over the SEO value from your existing website and can easily find your new website. We’ll then implement tools that allow us to monitor traffic and gather additional data through tools like analytics, conversion tracking, heatmapping, and visitor recording.

Ongoing analytics and continuous improvement

We continuously evolve our approach to increasingly optimize your site’s effectiveness as the overall reach increases over time. Social optimization, including increasing the share-ability of your content, local SEO, schema markup, on-site and off-site SEO, SSL implementation and a variety of related tools and factors all contribute to how “findable” your website is online. Organic Search Engine Optimization works hand-in-hand with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in many cases, which can generate valuable leads even faster through smart, targeted search engine advertising, as well as ongoing Insights and Analytics.

To create a custom approach for you, contact us.