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Key Updates and SEO Optimizations to a Manufacturing Website Send Conversions Soaring

FasTest, a manufacturer of advanced connectors for a variety of applications and industries, had invested significant time and resources into improving their digital marketing campaign process to drive people to their website and engage with their content. Traffic was significant, but form submissions seemed low. The website’s content organization from a previous redesign focused on serving current customers. However, FasTest wanted to expand its digital marketing strategy to draw in more new prospects.

Windmill Strategy, FasTest’s website design partner, took the opportunity to provide education and expertise with analytics and reporting, while also making on-site updates such as redesigning the mega menu structure for improved user flow, creating more consistency in content presentation, and further optimizing the website for performance. The enhanced FasTest website is now a more effective hub for digital marketing and user engagement.

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Services Utilized

  • Analytics and Insights
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • UX Consulting
  • Web Design & Development


  • Blog/News
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Taxonomies and Relation


  • Conversions up 55%
  • Engagement time up 2%, to 3 minutes, 7 seconds
  • Engagement rate up 4%, to 67.44%

About FasTest

FasTest is a dedicated manufacturer of advanced connection tools for production testing, fluid transfer and other processing applications, providing custom or off-the-shelf solutions to industries including automotive, appliance, aerospace, HVAC-R, compressed gas and medical/life sciences.

Situation: An Opportunity to Retool and Optimize a B2B Website

After the launch of a website redesign with Windmill Strategy, several years ago, FasTest’s website was a successful effort, although it leaned toward supporting the technical needs of existing customers. More recently, the website was receiving a significant amount of traffic, but the rate of form submissions and conversions was lower than expected. FasTest’s website needed updates to help facilitate the customer experience for new prospects by seamlessly guiding them through the journey from its earliest stages through to engagement with a FasTest representative.

In addition, FasTest was struggling to present some of the high-value content they were creating, and after the switch from UA to GA4, they were finding inconsistencies in their Google Analytics reporting data, particularly in page views. FasTest asked its web design partner, Windmill Strategy, to work with them on updates and improvements.

Solution: A Strategy Combining Analytics, Attention to User Flow, SEO and Content Optimization

The first objective for Windmill was to help FasTest correctly set up GA4 and understand how best to utilize it. Windmill helped to fix the tracking issues to make sure conversions were being accurately tracked and improvements could be measured later.

Subsequently, to clarify the customer journey and provide pathways for new prospects as well as existing customers, Windmill worked with the client to optimize the mega menu structure and make the content presentation more consistent across all pages. We changed the order of the menu structure and user flow by prioritizing industries over products, allowing new customers with less familiarity with FasTest an easier way to choose a path for navigating through the website. We also made sure the content was consistently represented by implementing uniform patterns across the website. This included:

  • Making sure H1, H2, and H3 tags were used appropriately within CMS content. This not only enhances the look of the pages, it also greatly improves SEO because Google is better able to track key messages on the page.
  • Creating new reusable content blocks for consistency, such as a CTA for “custom solutions” used on different pages. While there may be different content specific to the page, the layout is consistent to make it easier for a viewer to skim the pages.
  • Making images more engaging, in conjunction with the accompanying SEO optimization efforts.


B2B Product Manufacturer digital marketing FasTest website industry page before scaled


B2B Product Manufacturer digital marketing FasTest website industry page after scaled

We also identified key pages for on-page search optimization and updated backend elements to the latest best practices to improve overall website performance. The on-page SEO included keyword mapping and content edits. The backend improvements included homepage video optimization, WebP image optimization for faster loading of hero images across the website, and the removal of extraneous add-ons.

FasTest has been committed to creating high-value content for its website. To make their extensive resource library more accessible to website visitors, we reworked the architecture of the resources section to be more dynamic and allow for taxonomies to be assigned to various resources.

B2B Product Manufacturer digital marketing FasTest resources page on laptop

To make content easier for the FasTest team to manage, we built two new blocks in the CMS to better display industry content. We detailed these new blocks in a layout/template library reference document. To ensure greater consistency when adding new content in the future, the client can refer to this PDF for guidance on such elements as button colors, font sizes, icons, columns, and card styles.

B2B Product Manufacturer digital marketing FasTest website Component Library

Finally, having created more robust reporting dashboards to provide FasTest with more trust in their analytics for future reporting, we completed training on how to interpret the GA4 reports internally and use them more efficiently in their continuing digital marketing efforts.

Results: Greater Appeal to New Customers and a 55% Increase in Conversions

By bringing together multiple people across disciplines (UX, design, development, data analysis, SEO), Windmill was able to prioritize key items to bring FasTest’s website back up to date, to help them expand their focus to new as well as existing customers, and to help the FasTest team expand their skills and knowledge around website maintenance and data integrity. One month after the website updates were put into place, conversions had increased by 55% from the previous reporting period.

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