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UX, Visual Design & Branding

When your customers notice consistent visual design, branding and quality across every marketing touchpoint, it sends a powerful message. Your website, display ads, data sheets, brochures, white papers, and email marketing campaigns must work together, reflecting the quality of your company’s products and services, your professionalism, and how you care for your customer relationships. This is the user experience (UX) that your visual design and branding present to your customers.

In niche markets and technical industries, the number of prospects and customers are lower compared to consumer industries—and sales cycles much longer. Because your company’s customer lifetime value is often measured in millions of dollars, every interaction and impression has a 10X effect across your marketing and customer engagement ecosystem.

Working with Windmill, your access to our expertise is flexible and right-sized to your needs. We work as an extension of your marketing team for strategic and tactical support for print or digital projects, from print projects and templates, to website builds, to digital marketing campaigns, from concept through execution. Depending on your starting point, we’ll work together to uphold your existing brand standards, evolve your existing brand or create an all-new distinctive identity. 

Many technical and industrial businesses choose us for our UX expertise, which is the foundation of every visual design project. We ensure your website visitors and prospects stick around long enough to learn more about your offerings and dig into your capabilities — turning anonymous web visitors into loyal customers.

UX, Visual Design & Branding—Services and Deliverables

  • Website Architecture, Content Strategy & UX
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design / Visual Design
  • Voice of the Customer Interviews
  • ICP and Persona Development
  • Visual Brand Look-and-Feel
  • UX Audits and Research
  • Messaging Strategy & Writing
  • Logo Refreshes and Logo Design
  • Tagline Development
  • Brand Evolution
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Sales Enablement & Printed Collateral Systems (brochures, sell sheets, data sheets)
  • Illustrations & Infographics
  • Corporate Overview & Explainer Videos
  • Downloadables, White Papers, Templates
  • Heat Map Testing and Analysis
  • Click Tracking and Analysis
  • A/B Testing and Analysis

Graphic Design and Branding Areas of Expertise

Web Design & UX Design

High quality custom web design takes visual look-and-feel as well as user experience across multiple platforms into account, to create a great interaction for users and admins alike.

Web Design & UX Design

Branding and Identity Design, Brand Evolutions

Common branding services include naming and tagline development, logo refresh or logo design, wordmark design, overall messaging and brand strategy, visual identity and creation of brand guideline reference materials.

Branding and Identity Design, Brand Evolutions

Graphic Design, Sales Enablement & Marketing Collateral Design

Creative and innovative, we’ve B2B technical businesses find unique and powerful solutions for case studies, brochures, data sheets, downloadables, sales presentation templates and many other types of printed business and marketing collateral.
Graphic Design, Sales Enablement & Marketing Collateral Design

UX Strategy, UX Audits, UX Evolution and Agile Execution

Level up your B2B website performance with UX strategy, UX audits, and agile improvements.

UX Strategy, UX Audits, UX Evolution and Agile Execution

UX, Branding and Visual Design Matter

While you might assume customers who are engineers and data-driven professionals don’t care about fluffy matters such as good visual design, think again.

A great presentation and user experience are more important than ever in technical and industrial markets as competition rises. In industries where it’s becoming more challenging for companies to differentiate on product or service features alone, how you shape your brand stories can profoundly affect purchasing decisions.

Beth Comstock, GE’s former CMO, said, “Whether B2B or B2C, I believe passionately that good marketing essentials are the same. We all are emotional beings looking for relevance, context and connection.” 

When you’re targeting a technical audience, frictionless access to information, clear messaging and presentation, and a great user experience are all critical to creating relevance, context, and connection.

53% of Engineers Prefer Researching Websites for New Information

According to a survey by, 53% of engineers prefer to get new information from vendor websites before contacting your sales team. That’s why it pays to improve your website’s user experience. In fact, for every $2 you invest in UX-related work, you can gain a $100 return in revenue.

User experience is a critical part of your sales and marketing efforts. Our experts help you create exceptional user experiences that result in sustained customer experiences. After all, if you lose people at the website, they’ll never have the chance to be won over by your sales reps, customer service, or organization’s expertise.

Our UX research and instincts inform how we approach content strategy and vice versa. Some of the major building blocks are clear messaging, positioning, product information and case studies. When these elements are balanced and working together as one, your prospect engagement will surge. And so will your marketing results.

Why You Need a Strategic Partner

We work with B2B marketers long-term to provide strategic and tactical services when needed. Through regular touchpoints, we collaborate with you to prioritize what you should improve during any given quarter and what improvements will net the biggest bottom-line gains.

Windmill Strategy has deep expertise in meeting the design, branding and UX needs of B2B technical and industrial companies. With our team of marketing strategists, UX experts, graphic designers, content specialists and copywriters, we’re your single source for branding and marketing leadership.

With a focus on continuous improvement and process management, you’ll appreciate our accountability to your budget restraints and schedules. There can be hundreds of moving parts in a project, but disciplined project management steers everything in the same direction. Regardless of complexity, you have full project visibility through frequent updates and intuitive, online project management software.

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