Branding and Identity Design, Brand Evolutions

Branding and identity design that helps you evolve existing brands and create new ones.

Growing companies often turn to Windmill Strategy to help them update their brands identity. The secret: Evolve strategically to reflect your new direction—without leaving existing brand equity behind.

How We Evolve Existing Brands, Create New Brands

Windmill Strategy helps established companies revitalize and evolve brands without losing existing brand equity. Additionally, we create and launch brands for new companies, divisions and product lines.

If your brand is sub-optimal, don’t worry about improving it overnight. We’d probably counsel you against that, in fact, or at least ask you a lot of questions to make sure it’s what you need. You likely already have a large investment in expensive building and machinery signage, printed packaging, sales literature, and stationery. What’s more, your brand is already well-known by your key customers. 

A more conservative approach is to update your logo and brand elements without incurring large investments and time-consuming rollouts. Consider logo updates using incremental tweaks and style guides, which can make a significant impact by capitalizing on your existing brand equity. Gradual changes are also easier to rollout logistically, building towards creating a strong brand identity 

From there, the creative process focuses on changes that’ll improve and refine high-priority marketing channels like your website, digital marketing assets, printed sales materials, and trade show materials.

To many business leaders, the topic of branding simply means the logo. That’s only the tip of the iceberg, however. Branding considerations also include your company’s voice (e.g., professional, witty, approachable), key messages, communication channels and more. Depending on your starting point and needs, we’ll tailor a plan for you that can include work to define a consistent brand voice, key messaging, development of an ideal customer profile (ICP) and personas, and clarification of your core values and who you are as a company.

A Tried-and-True Branding Process that Achieves Results

Our branding process starts by learning about your organization, finding out what’s important to you and your audiences, how you differentiate yourself from the competition and discussing your overall marketing goals. We work with you to define a visual look-and-feel and messaging strategy that best reflects who you are and where you’re going as a company. 

Windmill Strategy’s typical brand development process takes you through 12 distinct elements or deliverables:

  1. Learn your strengths and differentiators
  2. Identify your ICP and most important personas
  3. Investigate what’s relevant to your audiences (personas)
  4. Discuss your marketing goals
  5. Competitor analysis
  6. Visual design mood boards
  7. Brand voice mood boards
  8. Define your visual look and feel elements
  9. Define your brand voice and key messaging strategy
  10. Execute changes
  11. Document guidelines
  12. Evolve and refine through continuous improvement

Ongoing Strategic Branding Services

For clients who are looking for ongoing strategic branding or even one-off projects, we provide a wide range of branding services, including:

  • Tagline development
  • Logo refresh or logo design
  • Wordmark design
  • Messaging and brand strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand voice and key message development
  • Ideal customer profile and persona development
  • Visual identity development
  • Brand guideline reference materials development
  • Execution strategy and/or support

Our team excels in bringing a new, updated, or existing brand to life across all mediums — including graphic design, web design and development, and as an ongoing partnership as your brand continues to evolve and grow.

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