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Internet and Application Security Firm Website Redesign


White Oak Security worked with Windmill Strategy to solidify their messaging and create a new website designed to help their team attract talent, and convert more leads into closed deals. We helped transform White Oak’s digital marketing through a phased approach and positioned the company as a credible and trusted leader in this competitive space.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • Copywriting
  • UX Consulting


  • WordPress
  • Advanced Security
  • Logo Refresh
  • Custom Iconography


  • Consistent Brand Voice
  • Improved Online Presence

About White Oak Security

B2B Internet Security Web Design Case Study White Oak Security MobileWhite Oak Security, Inc. is a consulting and services firm that defends any organization with networked computers from all forms of malicious threats. The company says that “every organization is vulnerable to attackers, but you can lessen the opportunity or severity of an attack by uncovering security deficiencies and blocking the pathways to unauthorized access. Launched in 2012, the firm partners with organizations that wish to mitigate various risk forms by analyzing and testing software, infrastructure, personnel and procedures.

White Oak specializes in application, device and infrastructure security, in addition to offering strategic services and adversarial simulation.


To help accelerate White Oak Security’s growth, it needed a better-defined vision of “who they are and where they’re going,” expressed through a modern website to showcase its capabilities, strengths, technical talent, and thought leadership. Additionally, the site needed to support their sales process by growing search traffic, generating new leads, and increasing connections.


White Oak Security chose Windmill Strategy because we specialize in helping technical companies achieve increased visibility and engagement, more vital branding and higher quality leads. For White Oak, work began with these goals:

The Website Redesign Process

  1. Design and launch a responsive, custom WordPress website that’s easily maintained by White Oak employees.
  2. Refine overall positioning and create key messages that resonated with the company’s personas. The key messages reinforced trust, credibility and sophistication. 
  3. Position White Oak as a thought leader; measured through improved traffic and engagement metrics.
  4. Generate more leads and connections (blog subscribers), mainly through inbound content marketing tactics. Internal links were used to direct website visitors to the website’s high-value content, such as its methodology page and blog content.

Through a half-day, brand-sprint workshop with White Oak Security leaders, we gathered feedback to provide the team with final key messages and a compelling positioning statement—the what, how and why the company exists. This became a cornerstone in White Oak’s digital marketing strategy.

To better understand the needs of White Oak’s customers, we interviewed several to gather insights around their perceptions of the company and industry. The findings were pulled together into a cohesive brand voice guide, outlining overall key messaging, voice, and key challenges of each persona (as well as White Oak’s solutions).

Our process brought critical content strategy and architecture to the website experience to help users navigate complex services and solutions. At the same time, White Oak’s copywriter and subject matter experts contributed final content writing. The solution also included custom iconography for each primary service line, a refreshed and modernized logo that keeps ties to its roots, and a fast, secure, responsive, and easy-to-maintain WordPress website.


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