Internet and Application Security Firm Website Redesign

A New Brand Presence for AppSec Consulting

AppSec Consulting needed a modern, compelling rebrand that would demonstrate to customers that they were a “problem solving” business, making security and compliance understandable and achievable.

To accomplish this goal, Windmill created a clean, current and consistent look-and-feel that made the brand feel approachable, while also positioning AppSec Consulting as an expert in the field. The updated, professional rebrand featured bright colors that invited users in, new brand imagery that would evoke emotion and a new logo that spoke to AppSec’s value in building solutions. The total rebrand included a new logo, brochures, sell-sheets, stationery, tradeshow materials and a phase I website re-skin.

Services Utilized

  • UX, Visual Design & Branding


  • Infographics and Illustration
  • Visual Design / Branding


  • Consistent brand materials resulting in increased engagement and ultimately acquisition of the company









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