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Your offerings are complex, while buying cycles are long and complicated. Windmill has the industry experience to communicate the value of your expertise and your services with clarity, differentiating you from competitors. Your website can become your sales team’s best wingman and help you exceed the visibility you’ve gotten in the past from conferences or events.

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B2B Marketing Takes a Different Approach

Long sales cycles, unique buyer journeys, custom products and customized, expertise-driven service offerings are commonplace for B2B companies. These challenges are a stark contrast to the retail world where sales cycles and engagements happen quickly. Your prospects aren’t typically ready to buy on the first visit, so how do you keep them engaged? Online marketing and user experience can have a significant impact on how often people return to your site.

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Your customers, just like your business, are technical and sophisticated, seeking quality and trust. Your marketing needs to reflect this.

To achieve higher quality and quantity lead generation, you need to engage specific niche audiences, offer a great digital experience, share relevant information that speaks their language, and completely avoid marketing fluff and irrelevant B2C strategies. We help businesses in technical and B2B industries, including engineering, consulting and training, industrial automation, technology, big data, artificial intelligence, custom software creators, supply chain and logistics companies gain market share and surpass the competition through modern marketing, with nimble strategies that prioritize your ROI. 

How Can We Help You succeed?

Before and After

GlobalTranz recently made a large acquisition and, when looking at folding content from their acquisition into their existing website, found themselves frustrated with the challenge. Their old site wasn’t flexible enough to allow for a new content strategy, so they worked with Windmill Strategy to create a new site made to meet their specific needs. The new website includes a flexible backend and CMS, keyword-focused and easy-to-read content, a thoughtful navigation strategy and homepage experience, clear calls to action, and a smooth user experience on both mobile and desktop.


GlobalTranz Before Image


GlobalTranz After

A Process Designed to Meet the Challenge of B2B Marketing

Our process adapts to the needs of your industry, your customers, your unique marketing goals and ROI. B2B websites require an engaging user experience that targets multiple types of buyers in various stages of the buying cycle, and engaging content that positions you as experts and helps get the initial conversation going. Rather than using off-the-shelf templates or one-size-fits-all marketing strategies, we create custom experiences that follow best practices for B2B marketing, tailoring to your unique needs. Our process revolves around a laser focus on the traffic that reflects your best customers and a modern website that meets the challenge.

Understanding business frameworks can be essential to creating marketing tools that speak to other businesses. At Windmill, we understand and use processes like EOS® (“Traction”). For clients using this system, reviewing the VTO allows us to understand the cohesive vision behind your business before starting our work together. Then we layer this vision into the design, writing, and development of all your marketing tools.

Make Marketing Your Competitive Edge

What clients are saying about us...

I love our new website–its functionality, design, and back-end organization but the best part was working with everyone at Windmill. I had fun–I looked forward to our meetings. I was impressed by how focused and attentive the staff was to matching the character of our website with the character of our company and to what our needs were. I know you have a ton of clients, but I felt like I was your only one. You remembered things I said at our first meeting months later and always seemed to care what I said in our meetings. Wow. Thanks and great job. I am so happy I had the opportunity to work with you.
Mary VancuraSenior Engineer, Beton Consulting Engineers

Turn Technical Jargon into Compelling Stories

You need to get the right traffic to your site, engage them and turn them into leads. That’s why our marketing strategy starts with identifying your target audience, their challenges, and how they communicate. This understanding helps us flesh out the needs of the engineers, purchasers, or other personas you’re targeting so we can build an efficient and focused plan. This plan can leverage web design, SEO, and inbound marketing, sales enablement and ABM efforts to attract and convert your ideal audience. With your goals, messaging, and marketing tools in sync, your business will flourish.

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We believe in choosing the right tool for every job. Below are a few of our most important tools, certifications and partnerships.
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