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Windmill Strategy helps engineering and technology companies elevate their online presence to engage technical influencers and C-level decision makers and stand out from the competition. Our experience providing digital marketing and web design for technology-focused businesses means that we understand the challenges facing small marketing teams dealing with complex offerings, technical and sophisticated buyers, and long sales cycles.

Understanding Your Needs

Our approach to digital marketing for technical B2B & engineering companies prioritizes ROI.

Engineering and technical B2B services companies often have overstretched marketing teams tasked with achieving ambitious business goals. As your digital marketing agency partner, we’ll address your unique web design and development needs as you seek to generate qualified leads, close more business, and gain market share. We’ll build a cohesive, custom digital marketing plan that prioritizes ROI and guides you toward success through modern websites, tools, and initiatives.

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Case Studies

How our process has worked for other engineering & B2B technical services companies

Engineering & Technology Web Design & Development

Successful B2B websites are easy to use and communicate relevant technical information with clarity and precision.

Our web design and development process for engineering companies and other B2B technical experts revolves around a laser focus on attracting and engaging website traffic that corresponds to your ideal audiences and potential best customers. This likely encompasses several different buyer personas, with unique journeys,who need to be engaged by your website at various stages of a long buying cycle.

How do you connect with all of them? By communicating the overarching value and quality of your offerings while at the same time providing substantive technical information for engineers and other technically minded buyers. Case studies and detailed information build trust and demonstrate that what you’ve done in the past applies to their needs and their current problem. A clean, modern UX with clear navigation will make it easier for all users to sort through the content to find what’s relevant.

Upgrade your marketing and increase your impact

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Why Windmill Strategy

We’ll help you provide your customers and prospects with a great B2B digital experience that engages niche audiences.

For companies like yours to generate leads of higher quality and quantity, you need to do several things to make sure your prospect doesn’t give up and move on to the next website. These include: offering a great digital experience with a website that loads quickly and performs well technically, sharing relevant information that speaks your customer’s language, and completely avoiding marketing fluff and irrelevant B2C or retail strategies.
Our approach starts with identifying your target personas, their challenges, and how they communicate. This allows us to build an efficient and focused plan that can leverage web design, SEO and inbound marketing, sales enablement and ABM efforts to attract and convert your audience. In this way, we have helped businesses in technical and B2B industries, including engineering, consulting and training, supply chain and logistics, and industrial automation, by putting B2B digital marketing best practices to work since 2006.

Establish Leadership

To outperform competitors and attract talent, your website should stake out a clear, credible position and show that it is a forward-looking industry leader.

Showcase & Engage

Offer an impressive, rich experience that helps technical audiences find information and solutions quickly. Educate, inform, and inspire your ideal customers.

Generate Leads

Layer in brand strategy and leverage brand perception. Fine-tune the website to attract quality leads, and connect to the CRM and MAT for marketing and sales nurturing.

Use Better Tools

Better tools mean better load times, strong UX, functionality for languages and distributor portals, and edit-ability and flexibility as a marketing tool and to support sales efforts.

Not sure where to start?

As a full-service digital marketing agency for engineering, technology, and technical B2B companies, we’ll collaborate with you to establish a strategic digital marketing plan that prioritizes your goals and determines the best practices and tactics to achieve them. Whatever your most urgent need—website redesign, agile website improvements, an evolution of your branding and messaging, SEO, paid search, ABM, B2B digital marketing, marketing automation—we’ve got you covered.

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Inbound Marketing for Engineering Companies

We’ll help you turn technical jargon into compelling content that your target audience can find when it matters.

Inbound marketing focuses on creating relevant content for your prospects and making it easy for them to find it when they’re researching their problems and possible solutions online. By attracting your ideal customer’s interest and building confidence that you can solve their problem, you’ll create the credibility that leads to phone calls, online chats, and submitted contact forms. You’ll be several steps ahead of competitors who only provide bare-bones information or focus on a hard sell instead of demonstrating their expertise.
Our writers are experienced in interviewing subject matter experts and helping your team create informative, technically sound case studies, blog posts, website copy, and other content. If you have an extensive resource library, our UX and SEO experts know how to make those resources easier to find and access, so they work harder for you as inbound marketing tools while providing value for your customers.


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Technology & Engineering Digital Marketing Campaigns

We’ll help you drive targeted traffic to your website.

Your prospects aren’t typically ready to buy the first time they visit your website. How do you keep them engaged and increase the likelihood that they’ll return? The answer is that you share valuable, relevant content, and from time to time you remind them that you are a source of valuable, relevant content. To achieve that goal, you need digital marketing campaigns that appeal to your engineering-focused audience, as well as marketing automation to help harness and nurture new leads. You’re not trying to get every person in the world to come to your website, but a highly targeted digital marketing campaign will help you build customer relationships and drive quality leads.

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Smart Solutions

We listen to your unique needs, then deliver smart, high-quality solutions that are right-sized to meet your objectives and your budget.

Communication & Collaboration

Open, honest communication is at the core of every engagement—ensuring there are no surprises. Collaboration throughout keeps everyone focused on a common goal, allowing your team to gain new skills and knowledge at every stage.

Powerful Processes

Our proven processes and the entire team’s commitment to continuous improvement lead to increased efficiency, delivering innovation and excellent results while keeping projects on schedule.

Windmill is great to work with - they were very patient as we stretched out our website redesign to a much longer schedule than originally anticipated. The entire team is very responsive and creative. They listen and provide great customer service. I would highly recommend Windmill!
Diane GovenatMarketing Consultant, SRF Consulting Group
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