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Website Redesign and Brand Refresh for a Cybersecurity Consulting Firm

Website Redesign and Brand Refresh for a Cybersecurity Consulting Firm

UNS, which provides a broad range of cybersecurity consulting services, needed to refresh their branding to match their growing business and convey professionalism and expertise. Their website needed a complete redesign to function as a marketing tool for generating leads and appealing to potential new hires.

UNS chose to partner with Windmill because of our experience working with other technology companies and because they appreciated our thorough scoping of the project and the ability to choose various options and features.

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Services Utilized

  • UX, Visual Design & Branding
  • Logo Refresh
  • SEO
  • Web Design & Development


  • APIs and integrations
  • Blog/News
  • Careers listing and application process
  • Custom Design


  • Increase in website visitors
  • Uptick in overall engagement analytics
  • Excitement and enthusiasm within the company

About UNS

In addition to contracting through large software companies, UNS works with clients directly to assess, implement, deploy, maintain and optimize cybersecurity of hardware and software. Formerly known as Universal Network Solutions, UNS provides cybersecurity services worldwide.

Situation: An Out-of-Date Website Lagged in Lead Generation, Recruitment and Branding

Universal Network Solutions had already changed its name to UNS, but its website did not reflect this, and it was outdated in other ways, as well. Generating only about one sales lead each month, it also lacked appeal to potential new hires as well as prospects. UNS knew they had actually lost the interest of some potential new employees because of the website.

Solution: A Two-Phase Process Modernized the Brand and Revamped the Website, from Navigation to Integrations to SEO

Windmill’s website process resulted in a detailed strategy brief describing how the redesign would address the three goals of lead generation, rebranding and updating the website design, and supporting recruitment. A new sitemap provided clear pathways for visitors interested in specific services or software capabilities and placed the careers section into the main navigation.

B2B Cybersecurity Web Design UNS Mobile ResponsiveThe project was divided into two phases. The first phase encompassed the strategy brief, wireframes for the website, and redesigning the visual brand, including logo, colors, and fonts. In phase two, we fleshed out the wireframes into full visual design layouts, performed initial keyword research, developed the website, implemented on-page optimization, and launched the website in two phases. The first launch was the English version, following shortly afterward with the Spanish version of the website.

All steps in the process supported the overarching purpose of presenting UNS as a go-to B2B resource for all things cybersecurity—and a desirable place to work.

UNS has two kinds of customers: software companies such as McAfee that contract out implementation of their products to UNS and similar companies, and businesses with cybersecurity needs that come to UNS directly. The latter group, potential direct customers, are the ones most likely to visit the UNS website. We integrated the new website with HubSpot so that all leads would go into the CRM.

Another integration involved the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), which is the U.S. national repository of standards-based vulnerability management data. UNS wanted to include the “Last 20 Scored Vulnerability IDs & Summaries” data feed on their new website’s security framework assessments page. NVD provides an API integration that allowed us to include this important data.

Because UNS has a team in South America, a Spanish-language site was important. We recommended the WPML plugin, which allows UNS to input their own text for translation and turn each page on or off for each language. Because UNS owns a domain for Chile, .cl can be used for the Spanish pages instead of the .com domain used for the English version.

In any language, UNS is happy to have a new look for their branding, and a website they’re proud of that positions them as experts in cybersecurity and conveys their professional, technical, modern brand voice.

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