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B2B Website Redesign for Technology Infrastructure Solutions Provider

A New B2B Technical Services Website Gives Buyers the In-Depth Information They Seek

WIN Technology had a refreshed brand identity, a new purpose statement and new products and services ready to include in the new UX, design and content of a new website. They knew they had to meet the needs of highly technical B2B customers with a strong preference for researching any potential provider’s capabilities. The new website would have to offer visitors a depth of information about very specific capabilities while also communicating the breadth of WIN Technology’s solutions.

Windmill Strategy and WIN Technology, both highly collaborative in their approach, worked together without a hitch to develop and launch the new website. Visitors can now drill down to the specific service, solution or technical information that is relevant to them. The home page and mega menu also reinforce the breadth of WIN’s offerings, so that prospective customers understand that the company can provide them with a broader solution as well as addressing their specific technology infrastructure issue.

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Services Utilized

  • Analytics and Insights
  • Branding & Visual Design
  • Client Training
  • Copywriting
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Moodboards
  • SEO
  • UX Consulting
  • Web Design & Development


  • Alert Bar
  • Blog/News
  • Case Studies
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Taxonomies and Relation
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Iconography
  • Custom Theme
  • Design Guide Resource Hub


  • Launch date was met, unchanged from initial estimate.
  • New website is easy to edit and update with new products and services.

About WIN Technology

WIN Technology offers custom B2B technology solutions to customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan. As the only managed IT services provider in the Upper Midwest that also owns and operates a fiber network across the region, WIN Technology provides customers the opportunity to work seamlessly with one provider for network connectivity, technology infrastructure deployment and managed IT services, eliminating the friction of different providers on either side of the “demarc.”

Situation: An Out-of-Date Website Did Not Reflect Current Capabilities or Brand Identity and Stymied the Ideal Buyer’s Journey

WIN Technology’s previous website was difficult to update and had become obsolete in several respects. The website did not communicate the full range of services and solutions or WIN’s approach to serving its customers, and it did not fulfill the buyer’s need to research specific services and capabilities. With 74% of prospects researching potential technology infrastructure providers prior to talking with a salesperson, this was a critical issue. In addition, the website’s design needed to be updated with new colors and refreshed brand identity.

WIN Technology partnered with Windmill Strategy to modernize the website in terms of its design, structure, content, SEO and editability, with the goals of 1) increasing conversions through both forms and phone calls and 2) increasing time spent on each page, which would suggest that the content was meeting the research and learning needs of visitors.

Solution: WordPress Tools and a Highly Collaborative Client Allowed for In-Depth Content Organized to Meet the Buyer’s Needs and Optimize SEO

Windmill Strategy set out to build a new website on the WordPress platform to allow the WIN Technology team to easily edit content and add pages for new product and service offerings based on an informed set of site architecture recommendations.B2B Network Solutions Web Design Win Technology Responsive

The WIN Technology team was particularly interested in a sales model by Gartner that focuses on learning stages in the customer pipeline. This led Windmill Strategy to collaborate with the client on a site architecture in which each product or service is broken down into three areas that align with these successive learning stages in the sales model. For most products and services, this means answering the questions:

  • What is the product or service?
  • Is this product or service the right fit?
  • Why WIN for this product or service?

The new sub-navigation on each product or service page makes it appear that the three questions are addressed through tabbed content, but they are actually separate pages, allowing for better SEO optimization. With this easy-to-navigate structure, directors of IT or infrastructure, senior network engineers or other buyers can understand how their needs dovetail with WIN’s offerings, whether the buyer is motivated by the desire to proactively invest in technology infrastructure or by the frustration and business consequences of a severe network outage.

The WordPress content management system with the core block editor serves as the primary tool for page and content creation on the new website. Windmill created custom post types for FAQs, white papers, success stories and blog posts, which allowed us to assign custom taxonomies to each of those categories.

Existing posts were migrated in bulk to the new website. Programmatic content migration of blog content and success stories required stripping out some of the old code styling to make the migrated posts readable on the new website.

Taggable FAQs were created to be applied on a page-by-page or topic-by-topic basis. These allow the user to drill down into relevant and sometimes highly technical questions, depending on the product or service they are viewing.

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Results: An Easily Editable Website with Navigation That Targets Varied Customer Journeys While Demonstrating The Full Scope of Capabilities

With a highly collaborative client (a joy to work with!), the Windmill team was able to move forward with all aspects of the new website on schedule. WIN Technology began generating content as soon as the project kicked off. They followed a buttoned-down process to revise and approve content they created internally as well as content for selected pages that was written or edited by Windmill’s copywriter. All content was aligned with the tone of voice and messaging document that Windmill developed. Based on WIN Technology’s new colors, logo redesign and other brand assets, the visual design process was seamless as well.

Visitors to the WIN Technology website are now able to drill down to the specific service, solution or technical information that is relevant to them. The home page and mega menu also reinforce the breadth of WIN’s offerings, so that prospective customers understand that the company can provide them with a broader solution as well as solving their specific technology infrastructure issue.

WIN Technology’s VP of Sales and Marketing describes the website redesign process as “an outstanding experience” and the Windmill team as “a pleasure to work with.”

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