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B2B Call Center Advisory Business Website Redesign Delivered Improved Lead Generation

Outsource Consultants had a website that served its purpose and performed reasonably well, but was time-consuming to manage and had longer-than-desired load times. They also felt that their site organization needed improvement to invite content expansion.

Because of this, they were looking to completely update their website, which is why they came to Windmill Strategy. We met with them, discussed what they needed from a website redesign project, and subsequently developed a strategy that addressed all their unique problems.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • SEO


  • WordPress
  • Custom Theme
  • Two Way Content Types


  • 66% increase in total leads
  • 91% increase in quality leads compared to previous year
  • Reduced content entry and management
  • Improved lead attribution

About Outsource Consultants

Outsource Consultants is a call center referral and advisory firm. They offer businesses over 25 years of expertise simplifying the outsourcing process for high-volume call centers. These efforts include matching businesses with BPOs that perfectly fit their needs, on-demand consulting, cloud software selection, and guidance for business owners looking to buy or sell their call centers.

Situation: A Website That Was Good, but Not Good Enough

Technical Web Design Case Study Outsource Consultants Responsive MobileOutsource Consultants had a website that was doing an okay job helping promote their services as a BPO advisory firm. For Outsource Consultants, however, okay wasn’t enough.They wanted a website that did a great job, not an okay one, which is why they came to Windmill Strategy.

They came with an accurate portrayal of their existing website: it performed reasonably well, but it was time-consuming to manage and pages took too long to load. The general setup didn’t provide an adequate path to content expansion.

What they wanted was an easy-to-maintain platform built to reduce iterative content entry through associative content relationships. They wanted updating SEO-friendly content on their site to be easy, and they wanted the whole project to be completed quickly.

Solution: Faster Loading, Better Management, Easier Access

When a client wants a new website, our first step is choosing a CMS. We prefer using WordPress CMS because of how easy it is to scale and customize, which is why we chose it for Outsource Consultants’ website redesign.

The new CMS was a good foundation, but there was still a lot left to do in regards to ease of use. To help reach this goal, we focused on the labeling and development of custom post types, archives, and taxonomies with two-way relationships. Once set-up, these labels made it easier for Outsource Consultants to make full scale site changes. Any content edited on one part of their site would trigger similarly tagged content elsewhere to be simultaneously updated. This met the client’s need of reducing content entry and management time so it could be replaced with more ROI-focused efforts.

I'm very happy with the website they created for us. They took extra steps in development to make it manageable and flexible, and had a lot of great recommendations.
Sarah KlosterbuerDigital Marketing Director, Outsource Consultants

Once their site and global content updatability was set up, we switched the focus to SEO and analytics. We developed and supported an advanced analytics and tracking setup along with robust Hubspot integration. This allowed the client to have a much easier time gathering data to influence the direction of future content and marketing efforts. This integration came with dynamic forms and advanced attribution.

Search engine rankings were kept in mind throughout the entirety of the Outsource Consulting website redesign project. We made sure to address everything they’d need for future ranking success, including submitting updated XML sitemaps, integrating tracking codes, and implementing redirects. This process included stringent testing of load times, mobile responsiveness, and appearance on Google crawls.

The main driver of this website redesign project was user experience. Outsource Consulting wanted a website that loaded faster, offered a better user experience, and took less overhead to manage. That’s what the strategy developed and implemented by the team at Windmill Strategy gave them.

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