North Star Imaging Brand Evolution

A Brand Evolution for North Star Imaging, manufacturer of Industrial digital x-ray and 3d computed tomography systems.

A visual design and branding evolution staged NSI for further growth, and provided tools for easier explanation of complex products and services.

We started our work with North Star Imaging by evolving their current logo with minimal, but high-impact, tweaks that improved legibility, and reproducibility, while still maintaining cues from the original logo. This allowed a flexible rollout, maintained brand recognition, and allowed them to continue to use hard-to-replace existing signage and large, expensive machinery that bore the older version of the logo. Then, we created a flexible series of printed material layouts or templates that the client’s marketing team used to create future pieces in-house. These materials include an overview brochure, individual product sell sheets / datasheets, a quote template, business stationery, and a suite of materials for their trade show presence. A key component utilized on several pieces is an illustrated infographic that explains the steps that take place during an inspection services transaction.

Services Utilized

  • Branding & Visual Design


  • Visual Design / Branding
  • Infographics and Illustration
  • Logo Refresh


  • A refreshed logo that reproduces and reads well large or small, without needing to be redone on every application
  • A modular and flexible branding system for in-house creation of further marketing materials



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