Industrial Reel Supplier UX visual design Reelcraft Industries Website on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile

UX Visual Design & Web Development Updates for Industrial Reel Supplier

Strategic UX Updates Give a B2B Website a Fresher Look and Greater Functionality

Reelcraft, a manufacturer of industrial and commercial hose, cord, and cable reels, had evolved its branding and trimmed down its product catalog, and the company’s website needed to reflect these changes. The Reelcraft team wasn’t necessarily seeking a full redesign, but they knew they needed some outside design and development expertise to help them achieve their goals for the website.

Windmill Strategy was selected to update the UX/visual design and make backend improvements. Not only have these changes resulted in an improved user experience and navigation for visitors, but they make the website easier to edit and optimize it for SEO and lead capture.

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Services Utilized

  • UX, Visual Design & Branding
  • Web Design & Development


  • Content Taxonomies and Relation
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Iconography
  • Design Guide Resource Hub
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Commerce Customizations and Custom Coding


  • A fresher, more professional homepage
  • Easier, more efficient editing
  • Additional blocks and styles
  • Refreshed page templates
  • Optimized for SEO and lead capture
  • Improved e-commerce experience

About Reelcraft Industries

Known for the quality and longevity of its products, Reelcraft Industries manufactures the widest range of hose, cord, and cable reels. Reels are widely used to help supply air and fluids whenever and wherever they are needed and to improve safety and convenience in industrial and commercial settings by keeping hoses and cables off the floor.

Situation: A Dated Homepage and Tough-To-Edit Database No Longer Met the Client’s Needs

The Reelcraft website did not reflect the latest branding or the company’s leadership in its industry. The homepage, in particular, displayed dated imagery, with confusing navigation that  lacked a call to action. Opportunities to optimize SEO and capture leads were being lost.

Reelcraft had recently simplified their offerings by reducing the number of core products. The goal was to make it easier for users to find and select the right product and then customize it. Unfortunately, the process for updating the product database on the website was extremely cumbersome, as was the ability to update the homepage. Certain items had to be updated in the database of the website itself, rather than via the WordPress admin, risking the whole website breaking if something was entered incorrectly.

In addition, the service manuals page required users to navigate a long, confusing list, because there was no way to search for documentation by part number.

Solution: An Agile Approach Combining UX Visual Design with Strategic Backend Improvements

Windmill took an agile approach to the Reelcraft project, beginning with an investigation of the health of the existing site, and a strategy brief that outlined a four-phase plan. Edits were pushed live in stages as the work was completed.

To begin with, we updated the homepage visually so it would better represent Reelcraft’s brand and messaging. This included designing a new navigational structure that is more visually appealing and has a static CTA to capture leads. We cleaned up the main links (adding and removing pages) to focus on the most important areas of the website.

To build out the homepage, we created new styles, blocks, and elements that can be easily added or removed by the Reelcraft team to showcase sales, case studies, or other important information. We also created custom iconography for their product categories, replacing stock cartoon images and drawings that did not reflect the Reelcraft brand.

Industrial Reel Supplier UX visual design Reelcraft Industries Homepage Before

Industrial Reel Supplier UX visual design Reelcraft Industries Homepage After

On the homepage and throughout the website, we cleaned up the hierarchy of headings (h1, h2, h3, etc.), which not only improves visual identification of sections for quick browsing but also improves SEO so that Google can easily identify the key information on the page.

In the product database, subtle changes made big improvements for website users. We utilized commonly recognized UX patterns found on e-commerce websites, such as filtering capabilities for product categories and a “related products & accessories” section. However, the majority of the work was on the backend, creating an easier, less stressful editing experience for the Reelcraft team. Items that once had to be updated within the website database were relocated so that they could be addressed through WordPress admin, eliminating the risk associated with going into the code itself and  potentially crashing the whole website.

We also created a better experience for users in the resource archive. Instead of being confronted with one long list of service manuals, tech bulletins, catalogs, and other literature, users can now filter through resources or simply type in their product SKU to retrieve specific resources for their product. The new search functionality is able to search text within PDFs as well as HTML pages.

Industrial Reel Supplier UX visual design Reelcraft Industries Homepage on Desktop Tablet and Mobile

Results: A B2B Website that Looks Better, Works Better, and Reflects Industry Leadership

The three primary goals of the Reelcraft project were achieved: to redesign the homepage for greater visual appeal and functionality, to improve the product database on the backend, and to create a better experience for users navigating the resource archive. Crucially, the Reelcraft team now has new styles, blocks, and elements to use in building out the homepage, and they can keep the product database current by easily adding or removing products and the key information related to each product, whether text, videos, or PDFs.

With these improvements, which did not require a complete redesign, the Reelcraft website is also optimized to perform better in search results and to capture leads from interested users.

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