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B2B Digital Marketing & Website Replatforming for an Ad Industry Custom Fabricator

A Focus on Structure and Performance Delivers Better UX with Greater Lead Gen Opportunities

Atomic Props had a good-looking, relatively new website with UX and performance issues. Windmill provided a Digital Marketing Quick Start, and it became clear that we could help them generate and close leads, but that replatforming and re-architecture of the website were necessary to support a successful SEO strategy and lead generation effort.

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Services Utilized

  • Analytics and Insights
  • UX, Visual Design & Branding
  • Client Training
  • Digital Marketing
  • Moodboards
  • UX Consulting
  • Web Design & Development


  • Blog/News
  • Case Studies
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Taxonomies and Relation
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Iconography


  • Intuitive project archive that demonstrates breadth of expertise and allow easy filtering.
  • Improved blog archive navigation and usability.
  • Clear communication of the company’s expertise and services.
  • Project tagging that links real-life examples to services and areas of expertise.

About Atomic Props

Atomic Props & Effects is a custom fabrication partner for experiential marketing, out-of-home advertising and brand activation. The company develops and manages 3D and immersive projects from concept through installation, often incorporating the latest technologies and interactive features.

Situation: A Design-Focused Website Had Technical Issues and Lacked User-Friendly Navigation and Features

An incomplete QA process and a lack of attention to lead generation and user experience had left Atomic Props with a beautiful, design-focused website plagued with editing issues, technical bugs and overall poor performance as a marketing tool. They needed to make the website easier to navigate with common UX patterns, with a slightly more approachable design that would still show off their uniquely cool offerings, so that users could find information quickly and fully understand the scope of the company’s capabilities.

Solution: Technical Optimization and Replatforming to Maximize Usability and SEO Potential without Minimizing the Cool Factor

The primary goal of the initial engagement was to generate and close more leads via the Atomic Props website. During the process of the Digital Marketing Strategy Quick Start, we reviewed site performance, analytics and strategies for improving SEO and lead generation. It quickly became clear that the most impactful action to take was to shore up the website, so that it could serve as a better hub for Atomic Props’ marketing.

Having identified a less-than-optimal user experience in terms of clear messaging, navigation and page structure, with a number of broken links, Windmill built a focused UX and SEO strategy that increases visibility for Atomic Props within Google search, along with a redesigned user experience, with new navigation and page structure, to grow website leads by increasing traffic, conversion rate and domain authority.

As a full-service 3D prop and custom fabrication company, Atomic Props does much of its work for the out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry, which encompasses everything from billboards to bus shelters to pop-up brand activations. The customer breakdown is about 75% advertising and media agencies, 15% direct-to-brand sales and 10% other. Their customers bring concepts to Atomic Props, which then explores and expands them. Their work goes beyond simply fabricating an object to planning and management, full concept design capabilities (including designing for pitches) and launch and installation. However, this process, which differentiates them from some competitors, was not clearly communicated on their website.

B2B Experiential Marketing Display Designers Atomic Props Mobile ResponsiveWindmill recommended a more definitive positioning statement, incorporating target keywords, for the hero space on the homepage and new content for both existing and new pages of the website, which Atomic Props successfully implemented. Now, the What To Expect page provides a clear view of the value proposition and helps potential clients understand the steps of a typical project process, and the Services pages better illustrate the full possibilities of engaging with the Atomic Props team and showcasing their strengths, including project management.

Visually, consistent branding is incorporated more cohesively into the website. Brand color usage is used carefully, for greatest impact. In addition to a new hero statement, the homepage was redesigned for a clean, clear UX that would drive prospects to further action.

Calls to action were lacking in the previous website. In addition to remedying the lack of CTAs, Windmill recommended adding downloadable content. A new “look book” is available through the Contact Us page, creating another conversion point.

A redesigned portfolio section improves the user experience while taking advantage of eye-catching product and project photography that already existed. Whether it’s a giant donut swing for Dunkin’ or a Samsung VR interactive experience installed in transit shelters, potential customers can explore Atomic Props’ portfolio according to their own project needs. The archive is extensive enough for additional filtering options to be added in the future.

Image and video assets were not only highlighted, but optimized, so that they would not slow down page speed. Google’s recently increased emphasis on Core Web Vitals makes optimizing technical SEO and page speed a vital part of any website strategy.

Windmill also made the portfolio section easier to update with new projects. The website as a whole is easier to update and expand, with the addition of:

  • Gutenberg block editor
  • Reusable patterns
  • Custom post type for projects, with added taxonomies for filtering

Organization of the project archive was a big undertaking. Additional filtering by project type on the main archive page now allows custom selection of relevant projects to be added to the various services and capabilities pages.

Ongoing digital marketing efforts will build on the newly optimized Atomic Props website, with the goals of increasing domain authority and doubling the traffic and conversion rate.

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