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Industrial Website Redesign, Digital Marketing and Branding for an Electronic Contract Manufacturer

Redesigned Website and Brand Paired with Digital Marketing Efforts Increases Lead Quality and Quantity

After acquiring ACH, a company with complementary capabilities, ETI needed to integrate the ACH brand while continuing to leverage the name recognition of both brands. ETI’s existing website was outdated and did not reflect its quality or heritage.

ETI came to Windmill to clarify its brand and positioning in the context of a redesigned website that would increase the quantity and quality of leads and provide a more flexible marketing platform.

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Services Utilized

  • Analytics and Insights
  • UX, Visual Design & Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Logo Refresh
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • SEO
  • Web Design & Development


  • Careers listing and application process
  • Content Strategy
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Iconography


  • New Users Increased by 37%
  • Sessions Increased by 35%
  • Organic Conversion Rate is 2.4%
  • Exit Rate Improved by 6%
  • Pageviews Increased by 28%
  • Improved User Experience
  • Modern Look-and-Feel
  • GTmetrix Grade A site speed

About ETI

ETI (Electronic Technologies International), in combination with recent acquisition ACH (American Cable and Harness), provides printed circuit board assembly, wire harness assembly and complete box build solutions. For more than 30 years, they have been a trusted supplier to a variety of industries, including industrial controls, medical equipment, HVAC/R, aerospace, heavy machinery and agriculture.

Situation: An Acquisition Provided the Opportunity to Update Branding, Redesign An Outdated Website and Revive Dormant Marketing Activities

ETI’s existing website was not delivering enough qualified leads, and it was not easy for prospects to get in touch and easily provide the documentation necessary for quick project scoping and quotes.

After acquiring ACH, ETI needed to position the two as one cohesive unit, while maintaining separate names and logos to leverage the name recognition of both established companies. The logos and the website both needed a new, modern look to communicate quality and exceptional customer service. Determining how to give the two brands equal weight was one of the project’s challenges.

Solution: Customer/Stakeholder Interviews, Custom Design and Web Development with Gutenberg Blocks Built A Platform for Present and Future Success

The branding process began with Windmill interviewing ETI’s internal stakeholders and several ETI and ACH customers, resulting in a branding, positioning and messaging strategy that carried through the entire copywriting and design process.

B2B Electronic Contract Manufacturer Web Design ETI Responsive MobileBecause just one person, with many additional responsibilities, was managing the project for ETI, Windmill devised a manageable workflow by breaking the project into small chunks, moving through logo design, website design, brand and messaging development, web development and content entry. We experimented to find the right combination of review and feedback tools so that the client would feel comfortable and the process could proceed efficiently. We also worked with the client to prioritize key content and create a roadmap of items to pursue post launch.

Windmill modernized the ETI and ACH logos and wrote a new tagline to unify the two logos on the website, staking out the position of “One Full-Service Integrator with Twice the Expertise.” With updated product photography and video assets incorporated into an up-to-date, custom design, the website looks polished and professional.


ETI Brand Guideline DocumentAn important new feature is the ability for users to upload documentation directly to a contact form, facilitating faster quote generation and project scoping.

Windmill built the new website in WordPress, using Gutenberg blocks and several common plug-ins. The new site’s GTmetrix grade is A, with a 100% performance rating and a 97% structure rating. This means the site’s speed is fast, for an unimpeded user experience.

With a revamped site map and new attention to SEO, the site makes clear the company’s positioning and capabilities, to draw and keep the attention of the original equipment manufacturers that are its ideal customers. The site was built with the intention of expanding the content available over time, and an ongoing engagement will do just that.

“We initially chose Windmill because of their depth of experience in helping industrial and manufacturing clients through similar website and marketing projects. They were big enough to get the job done yet small enough to give us great attention to detail and our account. Our new website has received lots of positive comments from the team and our announcement on LinkedIn, and we’re very excited to start seeing traction with attracting qualified leads through our ongoing marketing work together.” – Dave Wiegand

Results: Increased Lead Quality and Quantity

The new modern website provides a branded, intuitive user experience that features easy navigation, multiple content types from video to whitepapers, and clear messaging & positioning throughout the site. It’s a powerful lead generation tool for the company and post launch the organic site traffic has doubled. More visitors are finding the site based on the industry specific SEO tied to ETI’s products and services. ETI was originally ranking for 75 keywords with 2 on the first page of SERPs and now, ETI is ranking for 159 keywords with 17 on the first page. As ETI continues to optimize and update existing content and publish new case studies and articles they will continue to see an increase in qualified visitors, engaged leads, and converted customers. Their overall sessions have increased by 35%, new users have increased by 37%, and their pageviews have increased by 28%. The client has confirmed that 25-30% of leads are coming from the website and all of their facilities are exceeding expectations with a 22 week lead time for new customers.
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