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Sealing Parts Manufacturer Website Redesign

A leading sealing parts manufacturer meets the future with a redesigned website, new messaging and collateral

As it reached its 75th anniversary of serving B2B global customers, Minnesota Rubber & Plastics asked Windmill Strategy to reimagine its website for a modern, digital era. The result was refreshed, clearer messaging and sales collateral, a state-of-the-art company video, and a compelling, responsive website that would drive more targeted traffic while increasing lead quantity and quality.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Copywriting
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • UX, Visual Design & Branding


  • WordPress
  • Design Guide Resource Hub
  • CRM & MAT Integration
  • Advanced Careers/HR Section
  • Photography Art Direction
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Accessibility Compliance


  • Increased qualified leads, exceeding targets
  • Clear positioning across divisions
  • 101.93% increase in new users year over year

Medical Device Manufacturer Web Design Case Study MRP MobileAbout Minnesota Rubber & Plastics

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MRP) is a world leader in the material compound development, engineering design and manufacturing of custom-molded elastomeric and thermoplastic components and assemblies. The company has a reputation for producing highly desirable premium parts for companies in the medical device, transportation, and water, food & beverage industries.

From the faucets in homes to transmissions in cars, and critical medical devices, MRP designs and manufactures the critical sealing components to make these products perform flawlessly.


MRP is a leading global manufacturer that’s widely recognized as an innovative leader in its space. Yet, its website and marketing materials didn’t reflect this quality on a global scale.

Faced with increasing competition, MRP needed to clarify their positioning in their sales collateral and launch a website that highlighted the company’s breadth of high-quality products and research and design capabilities. With increasing global competition—and as the company approached its 75th anniversary of serving global customers—it connected with Windmill Strategy to help it transform the website into a strategic marketing tool for driving more traffic and converting those visitors into long-term customers.


Windmill first worked closely with MRP’s leaders to create refreshed, clear messaging and positioning for the three main company divisions: Transportation Components, Medical Components, and Water, Food & Beverage. The new messaging and content strategy further informed a redesigned website built on a flexible, modern platform, aimed to convert more prospects into customers by developing clearer and more consistent messaging to decision-makers in multiple industries.

The user experience and strategy for how these technical users search the website to solve their problems differ. For instance, some prospects search by solution type, while others search by the application, or by the material.


Medical Device Manufacturer Web Design Case Study MRP Homepage
Minnesota Rubber & Plastics Homepage

In higher-level searches, a user may also want to validate if MRP has experience in their industry. Windmill Strategy helped MRP envision a system of related page types that encouraged prospects to “skim and dive” pages after entering the site from any page. The homepage clearly states the company’s positioning and allows easy access to case studies, core services, solutions and industries. Each page provides a unique part of MRP’s story with useful, tangible information that keeps users engaged and searching for more insights into the company’s capabilities. The Elastomers and Thermoplastics Engineering Design Guide was given a visual and UX overhaul, for better usability by prospects, current customers and salespeople.

Windmill Strategy collaborated closely with MRP to create and deliver a project completed over four months. Deliverables include a redesigned Website, a plant overview video, a sales and marketing collateral system with a mix of templates and fully produced pieces (Sell Sheet Template, Downloadable Case Study Template, Application Brief Template, Datasheet Template), and additional brand collateral to support the business anniversary promotion.

MRP Website Redesign Project Goals

One of the top goals MRP marketing leaders wanted to achieve with the new site was an increase in leads through driving more targeted traffic. Specifically, we wanted visitors searching for contract manufacturers or material science/R&D services, a specific vertical or application. 

MRP also wanted to more clearly communicate their company position as a global industry leader with consistent messaging across other marketing tactics, including case studies, fact sheets, landing pages and website

Throughout all aspects of MRP’s marketing, we developed a fresh content strategy and a much-improved user experience. This called for a new sitemap, navigation, and user experience so prospects could easily find content that was most relevant to them and their industry. 

The new site  powers MRP’s content marketing/inbound efforts and supports sales with precise analytics, and complies with GDPR regulations. As MRP increases distribution in global markets the site will provide localization/translation options.

MRP Sales Collateral


MRP Facility Overview Video

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