B2B Pharmacy Automation Company Website Redesign

A New Website and Gated Content Leads to a 7x Increase in Traffic

Eyecon needed a leading-edge website design to showcase and demo its innovative pill counter for retail pharmacies. A compelling video and interactive calculator provided website visitors and prospects with an immediate ROI based on the pharmacy’s prescription volume.

In 20 days, the website’s pageviews shot from 5,000 to 34,000, a seven-fold increase in traffic!

In addition to the website design, Windmill Strategy designed and engineered a back-office customer and device management portal system. The software portal made it easy for users to maintain customer profile information, check subscription status and track registered devices. The solution was a massive time-saver for Eyecon’s growing customer base and employees who oversaw its administration.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development


  • Case Studies
  • E-Commerce
  • Shopify
  • WordPress


  • 7x Increase in Traffic
  • Saved 10-15 minutes per day on accessories order processing
  • 550% increase in site traffic

About Eyecon

Eyecon, a member of the Avery Weigh-Tronix group, designs and manufactures counter-top automation systems for pill counting and Rx validation in retail pharmacy operations. Avery Weigh-Tronix is a global supplier of force measurement devices that focus on weighing, counting, batching and filling systems.

The company developed an innovative vision-based system for automated counting and prescription validation. The Eyecon is faster and more accurate than manual counting and gives pharmacy staff more time to spend with customers. Remarkably, the product boasts 99.99 percent accuracy.


Eyecon needed an engaging website that converted more visitors into leads and more leads into customers.

Eyecon knew it could convince risk-averse pharmacists to try its forward-thinking automated pill counters if only they had a scalable way to show off the system’s capabilities. When demonstrating the devices at industry trade shows, the demos almost always resulted in a sale or a flood of product trials. Yes, the product’s value proposition is that unassailable.

At the same time, busy pharmacists at locally-owned stores and corporate decision-makers with national chains are open to any ideas that have the potential to improve pharmacy operations, lower costs, improve risk management and have an irresistible return on investment.

Although pharmacy techs aren’t crucial decision-makers, Eyecon, nonetheless, considered them influencers, as they need to adopt the technology used. Some techs eventually become pharmacists and even customers.

Finally, with prospects signing up for trials and subscriptions, customers needed a better way of managing their accounts and making changes. Additionally, employees wanted a more efficient means of managing all the administrative activities associated with this growing customer base. The solution was custom software that automated what were previously labor-intensive, paper-based tasks.


We launched a re-imagined website that demonstrated Eyecon’s pill counter with a compelling video and a downloadable ROI calculator.

To showcase Eyecon’s new pill-counting technology, we designed and built an engaging website that hits visitors with a powerful value proposition on an animated home page. From there, prospects or visitors can watch a demonstration video, use an ROI calculator, or read about other pharmacies using Eyecon’s innovative product.

Eyecon animated homepage banner

Our goal was to increase page views on the site, increase session duration and lower the website’s bounce rate. Each of these are leading indicators of website visitor engagement.

Eyecon ROI Calculator

To help capture names and email addresses in the form of leads, we created gated content — including a custom ROI calculator that prospects can download and use to measure how long it would take a pharmacy to recover its investment.


In 20 days, the website’s page views shot from 5,000 to 34,000, a seven-fold increase in traffic, while the bounce rate was halved.

To accurately measure the impact of Eyecon’s new website design and content, we captured three data points 20 days before and after the launch. The improvements noted in each category—Page Views, Session Duration and Bounce Rates—were significant:

In 20 days, the website’s page views shot from 5,000 to 34,000, a seven-fold increase in traffic, while the bounce rate was halved.

Following the launch of Eyecon’s customer and device management portal system, the company experienced efficiency improvements from both sets of users—customers and employees.

Customers now had 24×7 access to their profile information, including checking subscription status and registering devices. At the same time, employees could easily manage the state of hundreds of customer accounts and perform activities such as processing payments and work orders, as well as managing distributors and devices.

The Eyecon public facing website also featured a lightweight ecommerce implementation using Shopify’s Buy Button. This has allowed the Eyecon team to save 10-15 minutes per day from processing phone orders so they can focus on other initiatives for customer support. Future marketing initiatives will drive existing Eyecon customers to purchase accessories directly online.

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