The Best Medical Device and Life Science Website Design Examples

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Businesses in the medical device and life science industries have very distinct needs when it comes to their website design and user experience alike.

Medical device websites need to communicate to several audiences, often more than other types of manufacturing or industrial websites. Audiences can often include doctors, surgeons, nurses, techs, hospital administrators, and patients, conveying different information and using different language for each audience. Investors may also be a key audience. Depending on the lifecycle of your product and company, the primary audience can shift several times, and eventually, you might have separate indication websites that speak more directly to the patient audience.

Here are some of our top picks for medical and life science website design examples:


Phillips-Medisize provides fully integrated, end-to-end design, development, and manufacturing capabilities to its customers, primarily focused on medical and life sciences manufacturing growth markets.

Phillips-Medisize uses a well-vetted approach to its homepage site architecture that quickly positions them to new visitors and offers an intuitive “skim and dive” user experience. The quality of the design and look-and-feel is reflective of the quality of its capabilities and services, which is table stakes for highly regulated industries like medical device manufacturing.

Phillips Medisize Pill Navigation Example Medical Device

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MRP) is a world leader in the medical device manufacturing market due to its advanced material compound development, engineering design, and manufacturing of custom components.

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics asked Windmill Strategy to reimagine its website for a modern and digital era. The result was refreshed, clearer messaging and sales collateral, a state-of-the-art company video, and a compelling, responsive website that is driving more targeted traffic while increasing lead quantity and quality.

Medical Device Components Manufacturing MN Rubber and Plastics


Imbio develops medical diagnostic imaging AI technology that provides additional data to physicians in making more informed decisions that transform how patients are discovered, diagnosed, treated, and managed.

As they have commercialized their technology, Imbio needed a new website that spoke to its various audiences including investors, business development opportunities with new partnerships (companion imaging), and physicians that would utilize the technology to improve patient outcomes in healthcare systems.

Deployment Options Imbio Medical Device and Life Science


Eyecon is a medical device company that designs and manufactures innovative countertop automation systems for pill counting and prescription validation for retail pharmacies. Long story short: they have a complex B2B product offering that focuses its messaging on ROI and simplifying the buying process.

Eyecon employs several value-added features such as an ROI calculator and demonstration video that work together to educate, engage, and compel prospects to act on their website, increasing their marketing list and ultimately, increasing sales.

Best Industrial Websites 5


Medtronic is the 500-lb gorilla in the medical device and life science world. Despite Medtonic’s global reach and impact, its website has a clean and simple user experience that guides users to first identify which audience they belong to: healthcare professionals vs patients and caregivers. This approach to segmenting its audiences gets the user to the right content, quicker, ultimately delivering an improved experience.

Medtronic homepage navigation medical device

Radux Devices

Medical device company Radux Devices needed a new website design and new marketing collateral to tell its story to sophisticated buyers such as physicians, radiologists and orthopedic surgeons. At the same time, the site and literature were essential tools to support the company’s growing network of independent sales agents.

Best Industrial Websites 10

MME Group

MME is a full-service contract manufacturer well-positioned to help medical device companies bring their products to life. A major part of the MME value proposition relies on its deep experience helping its clients navigate and innovate in highly regulated medical markets while reducing risk in product design and development and supply chain management with US-based manufacturing facilities.

Medical Device MME Homepage Banner

Where You’re At In Your Product Lifecycle Matters

Marketing is critical for medical companies at every stage in their lifecycle. Who you’re speaking to and attracting will differ depending on where you’re at with product or technology development and your path to regulation, approval, and clinical use.

At first, you need a website that legitimizes who you are and your great medical innovation. You’re attempting to attract investors to get on board with your solution. Once you’ve established the viability of your product and have enough initial investment, you move into the full research and development (R&D) and prototyping phase of your product or technology. Investing continues to be key for your growth and success in the next stage as you prepare for clinical trials on your path to regulatory (FDA in the US) approval and your product launch.

Once you’ve received regulatory approval and launched your product into the market, your target audience will immediately shift to the physicians and hospital committees that are introducing your solution into their delivery of healthcare, and patients who need to review your resources and supporting information as they begin improving their outcomes.

Marketing to Healthcare Systems vs Physicians vs Patients

You’ll likely have a single site at some stage in your company lifecycle, though often you may have a patient site (or indication site) once your solution is widely available in the market. As different target audiences will view the same website most often, the user experience to distinguish and guide the right audience down the right path is key to helping them find the most relevant information.

  • Healthcare systems (hospitals, clinics, etc.) will want to understand how your product improves the lives of its staff (physicians, doctors, nurses, etc.) as well as improves outcomes for its patients, and how it could fit into the business model of the organization. Often a committee will be reviewing new procedures, products, and solutions to say what can enter their system or not. This is often an initial hurdle to selling your solution into the system until it’s adopted.
  • Physicians will want to see how your solution has helped healthcare systems deliver a higher level outcome for its patients by reading research studies, published articles, etc. You should present these as they relate to your solution to provide a targeted experience of relevant resources to support their investigation of your product.
  • Patients may want to better understand how the product itself works or its impact on their day-to-day lives. They may be reading on side effects of your solution, effectiveness in improving their individual outcome, etc.

Windmill Strategy’s Medical and Life Science Experience

Windmill Strategy specializes in website design and development for medical device and life science companies that are past their initial startup phase. In addition to helping medical and life science companies directly, we also work with the manufacturers and suppliers helping medical and life science companies innovate and deliver their products and solutions. Because we’ve helped so many clients in this niche vertical, we’ve developed patterns and learnings about how to help you market your medical product or solution to various audiences, including potential and existing investors, physicians, healthcare systems and committees, and patients.

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