Medical Device Website Design & Sell Sheets

A feature-rich website design and new collateral drives sales from physicians, other decision-makers

Medical device company Radux Devices needed a new website design and new marketing collateral to tell its story to sophisticated buyers such as physicians, radiologists and orthopedic surgeons. At the same time, the site and literature were essential tools to support the company’s growing network of independent sales agents. Tom Monette, the firm’s CMO and sales VP, selected website design agency Windmill Strategy to create a cohesive brand and messaging strategy that communicated “Trustworthiness, dependability, innovation and professionalism.”

Noted Tom: “I was very happy with how the Windmill team quickly took our ideas and built them into a smart package we shared with prospects at an important tradeshow.”

Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • UX, Visual Design & Branding


  • Infographics and Illustration
  • WordPress
  • Blog/News


  • Clear messaging that focuses on value and benefit to physicians
  • New illustrations that quickly convey how the products work and solve pain points
  • Powerful sales collateral and website that support sales efforts

About Radux Devices

Radux Devices develops innovative, cost-effective medical devices that improve procedural performance and workflows for physicians, healthcare professionals and hospitals. Its products, such as StandTall, helps correct physician postures while they perform procedures on patients. For example, while conducting fluoroscopic procedures, doctors can reduce or eliminate muscle and back stress from having to bend over or work from awkward positions.
By improving the work environment, Radux Devices, helps healthcare professionals provide better patient outcomes and satisfaction while reducing occupational radiation exposure, decreasing physical stress, and potentially prolonging careers.


An under-performing website didn’t resonate with physicians; a looming trade show and rush for new marketing collateral

Radux Devices is in a fiercely competitive industry, providing innovative products to discerning physicians, radiologists and surgeons. To better engage and educate these time-strapped prospects, CMO Tom Monette also wanted a website design that could be leveraged by the company’s independent sales agents. What’s more, previous marketing messages across all channels stressed product features and didn’t address physician needs or highlight product benefits.

Furthermore, with a critical trade show just a few months away, Tom had a big “ask.” Can you modernize and redesign our sales literature and deliver it in time for the show?

High-quality, printed sales literature is critical in the medical device industry because a lot of selling and relationship building happens at trade shows, and across the table with influential physicians and other decision-makers. The trade show was Radux Devices’ first chance to win orders and showcase two new products.

At the same time, third-party reps would use the literature to share the company’s product stories with their physician clients. Since independent sales agents in this industry represent several product lines, we also designed the materials to serve as comprehensive sales aids the agents could use to guide product discussions with doctors and decision-makers.


Feature-Rich Website Design, Sell Sheets and Educational Illustrations Engage and Influence Physicians and Investors

CMO Tom Monette engaged the Windmill team to create a new website Design and collateral to influence a key demographic: physicians. Moreover, the collateral needed to influence Value Analytics Committees (VACs) and investors. In addition to giving the literature to prospects at trade shows, the company’s independent sales agents found prospects loved the collateral for its educational content, which featured informative product depictions by Windmill Strategy’s medical illustrator. Said Tom, “I was very happy with how the Windmill team quickly took our ideas and built them into a smart package we shared with prospects.”

To meet the company’s goals of showcasing its complex products through videos and other media while still being easy to manage, Windmill Strategy designed a custom WordPress website design. The design featured simple navigation, which helps prospects quickly find and explore products and thought leadership content (white papers, medical journal articles and blog posts).

Central to the success of the newly redesigned website was an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy that indexed the brand names Steradian Shield, StandTall and Radux, in addition to closely-related phrases. This strategy ensured that a prospect could easily find product information, visual assets, sales collateral and product support. A secondary organic search goal was to raise awareness of the company and its products by targeting general topics that physicians and other decision-makers may search by — terms such as radiation protection, radial access and ergonomic safety, for instance.


Because we were able to deliver the new marketing collateral in time for the company’s May trade show, Radux Devices was able to raise the interest of several prospects, potential partners and some investors. Said Tom, “I received positive feedback from everyone who saw the new sell sheets and materials. The design and color choices were really clean and professional!”

Meanwhile, Radux Devices’ updated website design is helping to attract and influence prospects with compelling content as they learn more about the company’s innovative products and benefits.


We have been working with Windmill Strategy on a complete ground up web design and all new marketing collateral. The Windmill team has proven to be an experienced and effective partner in the Med Devices space to accomplish our corporate goals in a compressed timeline without sacrificing quality. We are a medical device company and our products are technical and need good supporting writing and visual support. Windmill Strategy has done an excellent job in ensuring our company branding and message resonates with our customers. They LISTEN and DELIVER high quality work.
Tom MonetteCMO and sales VP, Radux Devices




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