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Website Redesign for Medical Imaging Diagnostics Software Company

Imbio Website Redesign Clarifies Navigation and Content

Imbio offers a specialized approach to diagnostic imaging that has led to recent company growth. They found themselves questioning whether their previous website would meet their needs as a growing force in their industry. They came to Windmill looking to upgrade their website to better serve the future direction of the company via updated functionality, navigation, content organization, and visual design.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • UX, Visual Design & Branding


  • Custom Design
  • New Sitemap
  • Stylized Product Imagery
  • Translation


  • Pages / Session Up 30%
  • Session Duration Up 179%
  • Seamless Navigation

About Imbio

Imbio is an imaging diagnostics software company in the rapidly growing radiology space. To quote their website, they believe in “closing the gap between the promise of imaging and the demands of modern healthcare.” To meet with their industry’s evolving technological demands, they’ve developed an industry-leading portfolio of automated AI diagnostic solutions specially tailored for lung radiology.

Situation: A Website With an Outdated Focus

Imbio’s business was growing and they wanted to make sure their website would be able to meet their needs as that growth continued. They communicated to us that their previous website only spoke to their general radiology portfolio and didn’t have space for the expansion, partnerships, and strategic developments they were planning. They wanted their new website to be organized in a way that highlighted these new directions while giving them an updated look, user experience, and navigation.

Solution: A Visual Update with New Navigation and Organization

B2B Medical Web Design Imbio ResponsiveThe main strategy for this project was to create distinct pathways for Imbio’s different audiences that would better lead the right people to the right pages. 

It started with the right foundation, which was a custom developed WordPress theme made from block libraries including Gutenberg, Quebly, and Stackable. We wanted to make sure they had a lot of options when it came to displaying imagery and including interactive elements during development and into the future.

On-page imagery was a major focus during this process. Imbio’s software solutions revolve around imaging, so they wanted their new site to be visually motivated. Numerous custom graphic elements were created for this project to show off their products in a visually appealing, high tech way. For example, we created custom device backgrounds that could hold pictures of their imaging services, which the client could then easily edit and update as their technology developed.

Imbio homepage feature function

When it came to creating the aforementioned pathways, a few different strategies were used: 

  • We created custom partner taxonomies for both commercial and development partners that allowed for targeted messaging to be created and directed at different partner groups 
  • A flexible, scalable resources section was developed to better organize and house existing content while making room for the development of new, future assets
  • An automatic translation plugin was integrated to broaden the accessibility of the entire site

Additional functionalities & initiatives included a MailChimp integration and an update to the careers section, where we added a gravity forms plug-in that allowed on-site applications and application management to help Imbio more easily handle hiring during their growth period.

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