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B2B Website Redesign for Medical Sterilization Equipment Manufacturer

New Website Generates an Influx of Qualified Leads and Positions the Company as a Thought Leader

Andersen Sterilizers sells primarily to the veterinary market, but it also seeks customers in the areas of human health, research, and industry. Burdened by an out-of-date website that generated virtually zero qualified leads, Andersen needed a new, modern website to attract visitors, funnel them to the correct and relevant content, and generate leads.

Andersen selected Windmill for the project based on our experience designing and developing websites for manufacturing companies, our demonstrated ability to present products and content in a way that resonated with their needs, and an overall sense that the companies were aligned.  Andersen felt we understood their goals and could help achieve them.

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Services Utilized

  • Analytics and Insights
  • UX, Visual Design & Branding
  • SEO
  • Web Design & Development


  • Blog/News
  • Content Taxonomies and Relation
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Theme


  • New “Request A Quote” contact option has delivered far beyond expectations, with an initial burst of 62 emails
  • Greater-than-expected response from potential medical/human health customers

About Andersen Sterilizers

Andersen Sterilizers designs and manufactures ethylene oxide (EO) gas sterilizers for the veterinary, medical, industrial, and research markets. A family-owned American manufacturer, Andersen is the global leader in EO sterilizers among medical sterilization equipment manufacturers.

Situation: An Out-of-Date Website that Generated Virtually Zero Qualified Leads

Although Andersen is the global design and manufacturing leader in EO sterilization, the company was receiving virtually no qualified leads from its website. The core challenge to be solved with the new website was how to effectively market Andersen’s EO sterilization products to a variety of audiences. A secondary challenge was to educate site visitors on the history and benefits of EO sterilization compared to other methods of sterilization or disinfection.

Solution: A Highly Segmented Website with Flexible Capabilities and Future E-Commerce Potential

The redesigned website succeeds in optimizing performance, bringing visual continuity to Andersen’s web presence, and positioning the brand as both an innovator and an authority in the field of medical sterilization equipment manufacturers. Most importantly, it speaks directly to Andersen’s veterinary, medical, industrial, and research audiences, and it has succeeded in generating a startling number of requests for quotes from qualified leads.

B2B Medical Device Company Andersen Sterilizers Mobile ResponsiveTo achieve these results, we focused on developing a navigation that would be intuitive while also providing many pathways for website visitors to find the information most relevant to them. The new website is highly segmented, with users able to navigate to distinct pages via a user-friendly dropdown mega menu. The veterinary category alone, for example, has six different pathways, ranging from Companion Animal to Zoo/Aquarium.

The leads that are generated through audience segmentation are recorded as such, and this information is provided to the sales team. The new website provides the client with the statistics they need to track ROI on their efforts.

Windmill’s approach also called for creative use of reusable, easy-to-use block libraries and careful content migration. Blog content was programmatically pulled and migrated from Andersen’s previous WordPress site to retain metadata (date, categories, tags, etc.) and assets. Many of the older blog posts were set up using an older page builder, Elementor; we cleaned these up and converted them to the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg. In addition, we cleaned up the categories and tagging on posts for UX purposes and with SEO best practices in mind.

Extended block libraries added many layouts and content organization methods. Custom blocks were created to feed relevant sterilizer accessories to the product and product line pages. We provided in-depth client training on Gutenberg and other extended block libraries, and as a result, the client was able to create some highly custom pages with unique content organization.

Andersen will continue to add more resources to the website, underscoring its industry leadership with valuable content for its customers and prospects. We created areas on the website that can be easily expanded in the future as Andersen generates more inbound marketing content.

In addition, WooCommerce was set up to provide flexibility for Andersen’s product lines and provide an easy pathway to future e-commerce, if the client chooses. We used a blend of WooCommerce traditional product pages and product line/product category landing pages to target different audiences and organize the products on the front end for the user to better understand Andersen’s products and capabilities.

Windmill created highly effective conversion pathways for Andersen’s prospective and current customers, designed a modern website that presents their brand consistently and targets all audiences specifically and effectively and provided a platform for Andersen to claim their position as the industry leader of medical sterilization equipment manufacturers through a robust resources section.

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