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Medical Device Web Design and Marketing

Medical Device Website Redesign and Printed Marketing Collateral

As Skyline Medical grew from the startup phase, which targeted investors, to the marketing phase, they needed to present decision makers and influencers in the field with easy-to-find, targeted content.

Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • UX, Visual Design & Branding


  • Persona-based navigation
  • WordPress


  • Increased trust with investors, hospital administrators and hospital staff

Working closely with this medical device company’s marketing department, we refined the messaging and elevated their entire suite of materials to the next level. All materials highlight the flagship product, The Streamway System, a surgical fluid management system, but are built to scale easily as additional products are added. The website tailors its messaging and organization to three types of audiences: hospital administrators, physicians/surgeons and nurses/technologists, all of which may be decisionmakers and influencers in the purchasing process for surgical suites. The website also integrates with a third-party investor information site. Additional pieces include presentation materials and printed marketing materials.

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B2b Medical Device Web Design Case Study Skyline Medical Streamway


B2b Medical Device Web Design Case Study Skyline Medical Canister Free Fluid Management

Josh, our CEO, loves what you have been producing. And that means he wants you to do EVERYTHING now. Thank you!
Anna LourisSkyline Medical Inc.

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