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GA4 Data Integrity Audits & Consultation Services

Make data informed decisions with your marketing efforts

Many marketers are struggling with navigating GA4 (Google Analytics 4), and missing the simplicity of UA (Universal Analytics).

We’ve developed a GA4 program that helps you get a better understanding of the platform overall, how to access the data that is most important to you through customized explorations that will decrease time and confusion in the platform. After this work, you’ll be better equipped to use the data provided within GA4 to make data informed decisions with their marketing efforts.

Initiatives are customized based on needs and goals, and can include:

Create custom reports and shortcuts

Combine important reporting metrics from multiple GA4 reports into a single customized exploration report.

Implement data validation checks

Set up regular data validation processes to ensure that incoming data meets predefined criteria and standards.

Define and enforce naming conventions

Establish clear naming conventions for events, parameters, and other data points to maintain consistency and accuracy, and to allow for audience creation.

Configure data filters

Utilize GA4's filtering capabilities to exclude internal and developer traffic, spam referrals, and other irrelevant data sources.

Set up data integrity alerts

Create custom alerts to notify stakeholders of unexpected changes or anomalies in data patterns.

Implement cross-domain tracking

Ensure accurate tracking of user behavior across multiple domains or subdomains by correctly configuring cross-domain tracking.

Utilize debug mode

Leverage GA4's debug mode to troubleshoot tracking issues and verify data accuracy in real-time.

Conduct periodic data audits

Regularly audit data collection processes, configuration settings, and reporting accuracy to identify and rectify discrepancies.

Implement user permissions

Enforce strict access controls and user permissions to prevent unauthorized modifications to tracking configurations and data settings.

Train and educate stakeholders

Provide training sessions and educational resources to stakeholders to promote understanding of data accuracy principles and best practices.

GA4 Data Integrity Audits and Consultation Pricing

Our GA4 projects are customized for each client and are based on your needs, interests, and goals, with a minimum project cost of $2,250, going up based on complexity.

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