Website Redesign & Continuous Improvement

There’s a saying within the website development community that a website is never done.

We’re well past the days when you could launch your site and forget about it for a year. Your products are continually changing, along with your competitors. Every day, Google alters how it evaluates and presents your web pages to users seeking information. Additionally, CMS software updates and security patches need to be attended to promptly.

Advanced analytics tools that reveal the actions of website visitors help us better understand their browsing behaviors. Tools such as heat maps show us where your visitors are clicking on content and how much time is spent on each page.

While tracking how your visitors engage your site, we’ll collect actionable data, which provides the clues we need to make content or design changes. Maybe we need to make a headline more clear or change the color of your CTA buttons, for instance. Iterative improvements to your website over time leads to a better, more effective marketing tool. And that’s continuous improvement.

Through continuous improvement processes that aren’t too different from the same methodologies you use to improve your products or processes, we’ll work together to continually fine-tune your website to improve performance. We use right-sized insights and analytics, along with an experienced eye and qualitative feedback from you and your sales team, to stay on a regular course of agile execution so that your website never gets out of sync with who you are and where you’re going, and can always be a key member of your sales team.

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