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B2B Specialty Printer Website Redesign

Specialty Graphics National-Scale Printer The Vomela Companies’ Website Redesign to Improve Engagement, Lead Generation, and Marketing ROI

Specialty graphics provider and national-scale printer The Vomela Companies wanted to update their website design to improve user experience and, in turn, boost engagement. Their previous website was on a clunky, proprietary CMS platform and didn’t showcase the bold, visual aspect of their business in the ways they wanted. The solution was for Windmill Strategy to create a new, marketing-focused website with planned future enhancements and iterations.

Services Utilized

  • Web Design & Development
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Digital Marketing


  • WordPress
  • Filtering/Advanced Search
  • Pop-Ups and Lead Flows
  • Image Modals
  • HubSpot
  • Advanced Careers/HR Section


  • 27.89% Session Increase
  • 11.69% Lower Bounce Rate
  • 29.86% Increase in Traffic
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Visual design focus
  • Improved admin access and editing

B2b Graphics Provider Web Design Case Vomela MobileAbout The Vomela Companies

The Vomela Companies (“Vomela”) transforms ideas into visual experiences. Vomela can take your ideas from concept to design, prototyping, producing, installation and tearing-down. In other words, they provide complete and customizable end-to-end visual communication. Put simply, Vomela is a national-scale printer with capabilities to print and produce work of any size and on any medium for a wide range of unique industries.

Situation: An Existing Website Isn’t Meeting Modern Analytics and Visual Needs

When Vomela came to Windmill Strategy asking about a potential website rebrand, they communicated three main pain points when it came to their current site.

  • First, they felt their site didn’t put enough focus on the visual aspects of what they do. As a national-scale printer, they wanted to be spending more time showing their capabilities and  instead of talking about them, and also highlighting their services, which really set them apart as a customized solutions provider..
  • Second, they wanted to improve overall navigation on their site. There are plenty of reasons to desire improved navigation. Benefits include increased visit duration, lower bounce rates, better UX, and more.
  • Third, they had an in-house problem in need of fixing. They were using a proprietary, out of date CMS platform. They wanted to update to a newer, more user-friendly CMS that would allow them to make changes without as many headaches.
  • Already power-users of HubSpot marketing automation tools, they needed help fine tuning the site to begin really working as a B2B lead generation tool.

Solution: A More Robust and Responsive Image-Focused Web Update

In order to meet a swift timeline and build a robust information-architecture and taxonomy within the new website, we went with the WordPress CMS, creating a custom theme and a tight integration with HubSpot’s CRM and Marketing platforms. The WordPress platform allowed for a customized admin user experience, for easy updating and accommodation of future growth, as well as robust tagging and cross-linking between services, galleries, applications, and thought leadership articles. The WPEngine platform was utilized to allow fast load times on a site with heavy image usage.

When it came to navigation, we wanted to focus on both simplification and amplification. First, to make it easier for the internal sales team to easily find and fetch on-site marketing materials (gallery images, case studies, videos, etc.) for resharing. Second, improved navigation combined with new on-site analytics will show lowered bounce rates. Fewer prospects leaving Vomela’s site will mean more chances for conversions like form fills and other inbound leads.

We also employed a mega menu drop down navigation, or a more visually-driven layout for drop down menus, that provides greater value and context to the site user, while amplifying the users ability to find content relevant to their needs, quicker.

In addition to an improved CMS and navigation, Vomela also wanted a website that could draw in potential customers through an increase in visual design. The new site relies more heavily on high quality images that represent the quality of Vomela’s work for its clients, aimed at inspiring and attracting new customers. This effort is especially effective on high-level pages that link to sub-pages: with image headers for each subpage link, visitors to the page are more likely to travel further into the website.

B2b Graphics Provider Web Design Case Vomela Homepage

B2b Graphics Provider Web Design Case Vomela Interior

B2b Graphics Provider Web Design Case Vomela Desktop

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