Windmill Design is now Windmill StrategyWindmill Design has evolved our positioning and name to emphasize our work with B2B companies with complex offerings or marketing to niche and technical audiences. We remain focused on guiding organizations through digital marketing transformations that lead to highly-differentiated offerings, stronger lead generation and growth. Our servicesTell us what you think

Windmill Design is rebranded and refocused.

In 2018, Windmill evolved and tightened our marketplace positioning. Amid fine-tuning the business, we narrowed our focus to serve companies with complex B2B products and services, and within technical industries.

To signal this “reboot,” we changed our name from Windmill Design to Windmill Strategy: Modern Marketing for Technical Industries. The fact is, many of our clients have always known us as a company that specializes in these industries since we began in 2006, so our new brand and messaging was merely public recognition of the shift.

What we do 


Why the name change from Windmill Design to Windmill Strategy?

The shift from Windmill Design to Windmill Strategy is a better representation of the services that we’ve been offering at Windmill Design through our Minneapolis team all along, as well as our overall approach. The services we offer remain consistent, with a focus on the website as your company’s marketing hub, and digital marketing tactics as a critical driver of traffic to your site — along with traditional offerings like branding and printed design because every company still needs sales support literature.

Will Windmill Design (Windmill Strategy) still work with me if I’m not within or marketing to a technical industry?

If you’re been working with or following Windmill Design for some time and are in a related or unrelated industry (scholarly publishing, medical clinics, B2B or professional services, government agencies, environmental, outreach), don’t worry, we’re not cutting ties with you — we’re simply orienting our marketing toward this niche so that we can focus our marketing efforts in a clear direction. We’d still like to hear from you and work with you, and you can rest assured that Windmill Strategy will provide the same level of service, detail, and assurance that Windmill Design clients have enjoyed.

Why is Windmill Design specializing in technical industries?

Technical buyers are savvy, discerning, and want information without fluff and clutter. Marketing to these audiences is a unique and special skill, one that we’ve developed over our years of experience, and we want to bring this to a wider audience.

We thrive on helping businesses in technology-driven or technical industries, or who provide services to businesses within these industries — including industrial, manufacturing, industrial automation, technology, big data, artificial intelligence, life sciences, medtech, medical device, pharmaceutical, genomics, and precision medicine. In order for your marketing to fuel lead generation and growth, you need to reach a specific niche audience and engage them with clear, useful information and a great experience, not marketing fluff and typical B2C strategies.


Questions about the Windmill Design rebrand?

Please reach out to us any time — we’d love to hear what you think of the new brand, the new site, and the new positioning, the overall transition from Windmill Design to Windmill Strategy. We’re also interested in hearing about any topics that you’d be interested in learning more about in our insights section.

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Working with Windmill has provided us with a new outlook in the digital marketspace and how we can achieve better results. They listened to our marketing plan, understood it and developed a plan that is aligned with our marketing goals and objectives. I would highly recommend that any manufacturing company meet with Windmill to see how they can help you.
Scott BinleyIntegrated Marketing, Intek Plastics