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Industrial Website Redesign for NDT Products Supplier & Distributor

Website Redesign with E-Commerce Functionality Helps a B2B Equipment Supplier Leapfrog the Competition

While NDT Products has been highly regarded in its field for many years, the brand risked stagnating and falling behind because its website and marketing had been neglected. With ambitious revenue goals in mind, the company needed to update the website’s visual design, update a product catalog that had become unreliable and out of date, and create a foundation for future marketing efforts.

Windmill Strategy proposed a major visual redesign, implementation of web development best practices and on-page SEO optimization throughout the website, using expertise in content organization and e-commerce to bring the product catalog up to date and improve its functionality. The end result is a website that takes a major step forward in reestablishing NDT’s brand presence and serves as a platform for future marketing efforts.

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Services Utilized

  • Analytics and Insights
  • Branding & Visual Design
  • SEO
  • UX Consulting
  • Web Development


  • Blog/News
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Taxonomies and Relation
  • Custom Design


  • Modern design
  • Up-to-date product catalog that’s easier to manage
  • A foundation for future content and marketing
  • Positive customer and market feedback
  • Overall website engagement rate at 60%
  • Average engagement time increased from 39 seconds to 4 minutes, 17 seconds

About NDT Products Limited

Based in Ontario and serving all of Canada, NDT Products Limited is a full-service supplier of a wide range of non-destructive testing (NDT) products, including capital equipment and consumables. Its customers are inspection companies, research facilities, and a wide range of industries, including aerospace, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, and automotive. The family-owned company also provides service and support.

Situation: A Neglected Website Needed A New Look and Major Updates to Its Large Product Catalog

NDT Products sells through distributors, primarily to a highly technical audience of technicians and managers who use the equipment for non-destructive testing of finished products. Both distributors and end users need up-to-date, reliable product information, but they could no longer count on NDT’s website catalog to provide it. Another major issue was that the company’s website looked very dated, causing some negative perception in the marketplace.

Working with Windmill Strategy, the client decided to upgrade their website with best practices to organize content and improve visual design, with a focus on e-commerce functionality. By doing this, they expect to increase engagement, conversions, and leads generated from the website and improve brand perception in the marketplace, as well as to use the website as a better sales and marketing tool to help achieve revenue goals.

Solution: A Complete Redesign with Extensive Product Catalog Updates and Improved Product Search Functionality

B2B Industrial Distributor web design NDT Products Limited website home and products page screenshots

Windmill’s strategy for the new website involved a bold redesign for modern visual appeal and implementation of development best practices. The product catalog was the focus of these efforts, utilizing e-commerce functionality to organize product content. For now, transactions are limited to quote requests, but full e-commerce can be switched on in the future.

A challenge for the product catalog within the new website was that most of the product data to be added could not be directly imported, because it did not yet exist in a database. Instead, much of the information had to be pulled from the manufacturers’ static PDF sell sheets. Windmill and NDT worked together to enter the product data manually into a catalog structure built to house the information in an easily understood way. The new catalog is now editable and can scale up as products are added in the future. The tools used included:

  • WooCommerce, an e-commerce solution for WordPress to better manage simple and variable products
  • A combination of off-the-shelf plugins and WooCommerce template overrides to extend the single product view and add image galleries, custom informational tabs, and product variation tables.
  • A customized product search/filter tool to improve the user experience

The entire NDT Products website was redesigned and updated for best practices, including the ability for the marketing team to easily publish new content on a regular basis.

Results: A Bold New Website that Reclaims NDT’s Market Leadership

The new NDT Products Limited website meets the client’s goal of re-staking their claim against the competition in the Canadian non-destructive testing marketplace. The website is well-positioned to attract more engagement, conversions, and leads and to attract new customers as well as to serve NDT’s many returning customers. It now serves as a foundation for providing more consistent, high-quality content to existing and prospective customers, as the client strives to meet ambitious business goals.

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