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Industrial Website Redesign for Custom Machine Manufacturer

A Strategic Approach to UX, Visual Design, and Content Taxonomy Revives A Neglected Industrial Website

Realizing that their website was costing them opportunities, Progressive Systems, a manufacturer of custom machines for the building products industry, as well as a custom fabricator, needed a redesign partner. The old website conveyed the impression that Progressive Systems was a small company with a small factory, when in fact they have a large facility, work on a wide range of machines, and are one of the few large-format manufacturers in their region. Even some existing customers were not aware of the scale and scope of their capabilities.

Through a collaborative process and a strategic approach to UX and design, Windmill Strategy devised a way to clearly showcase the two parts of the business—machines and fabrication—while demonstrating the breadth of custom machines that Progressive Systems works on. Content management and lead capture are also easier. Trusting in Windmill’s experience in website design and development for industrial and manufacturing companies, Progressive Systems came away with a new, vastly improved website that uses best practices to achieve their goals of content organization and visual design improvements, as well as easier content management and lead routing.

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Services Utilized

  • Analytics and Insights
  • Branding & Visual Design
  • Copywriting
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • SEO
  • UX Consulting
  • Web Design & Development


  • Blog/News
  • Careers listing and application process
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Taxonomies and Relation
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Theme


  • Clear definition of business area and capabilities
  • Modern look and feel
  • Ecommerce-like user experience
  • Improved lead capture
  • A major new lead within hours of launch

About Progressive Systems

Progressive Systems designs and manufactures custom, high-performance, high-production machines for the building products industry. Equally importantly, the company provides custom fabrication services, such as cutting, welding, and machining. They also offer machine refurbishment and provide parts and repairs. Established in 1987, Progressive Systems manufactures its industrial machinery in the U.S.A.

Situation: A Poorly Performing Website Resulting in Lost Opportunities

The old Progressive Systems website struggled to showcase and distinguish the two major parts of the business—machines and fabrication—in a cohesive way, and it did not reflect the company’s size, scope, or capabilities. Anecdotally, they knew of at least one major prospect that had tried and failed to reach them through their old website. It was also failing as a recruitment tool.

While Progressive Systems receives many referrals via word of mouth and has few competitors in the large-format category, they recognized that a poorly designed, difficult-to-navigate website can make even a large, highly capable business seem unprofessional. Looking for a partner with “depth of experience in all the areas required to make a site which would be a great marketing tool,” the company chose Windmill Strategy to move ahead with a website redesign that would increase qualified leads, attract talent and job applications, and show the scope and sophistication of Progressive Systems’ capabilities, including their large facilities. They also specifically wanted copywriting support, realizing that they had needed it but not received it during their previous website redesign process.

Solution: Leading with UX Strategy to Create Clarity and Precision Around the Breadth of Capabilities

Windmill created a UX strategy in alignment with the growth goals for the two main business areas, including robust mega menu design, content strategy/mapping, and cross linking to bring the two together visually while clearly telling the story of each individually.

To show the scope of what Progressive Systems can do, Windmill developed an “ecommerce-like” view of the products that allows for sophisticated filtering by certain taxonomies. This allows the user to see the huge breadth of machines that Progressive Systems can provide even as they filter and narrow down the array to their specific area of interest, such as doors, flooring, or insulation. This setup also allows related machines to be highlighted on each individual product page, so that the user can browse through the portfolio of products in a commonly recognized, user-friendly, ecommerce-like manner.B2B Industrial Services Customized Products Web Design Progressive Systems Mobile Responsive

To upload all the information about the machines, Windmill created a one-time project import that programmatically imported the data for approximately 150 machines, including images and copy. To ensure that the bulk product upload would go smoothly, all of the product data needed to be formatted into a unified sheet that would work with WP All Import. We evolved several versions of the import spreadsheet to best serve the needs of the client during their content aggregation process.

The sheer number of machines is one way that the new website conveys the size of the Progressive Systems facility and operations. Other elements that communicate this include an aerial view of the company’s 143,000 sq. ft. facility, a timeline explaining the company’s growth, and a video with extensive footage of the facility interior and exterior, including land available for expansion.

In addition to the machine data, all existing posts on the old website were bulk migrated to the new website. We created custom post types for machines, blog articles, and careers. A job application form is integrated into the job postings. The WordPress content management system with its native core block editor serves as the primary tool for page and content creation, and Windmill established base patterns for easy, replicable use across the website, facilitating the overall ease of use of the CMS, which was lacking in the old site.

To streamline contact routing and ensure that leads are captured, Windmill created one contact form that has specific tagging throughout the site. If a user is routed to the form from any of the three subfooter CTA’s—See Our Machines In Person, Talk To A Machine Specialist, or Talk To A Fabrication Specialist—that origin is denoted in the form submission to allow the Progressive Systems team to seamlessly route that lead to the appropriate internal resource.


B2B Industrial Services Customized Products Web Design Progressive Systems After

Results: A Clearly Organized Website that Showcases Exactly What the Client Does and What Its Capabilities Are

The new website immediately began delivering results for Progressive Systems. According to their team, “Only a few hours after the site went live we received our first contact through it, from a large European door manufacturer that supplies many large hotel chains. We’d never heard of them before, and it makes us wonder how much business we may have been missing out on because our old site really didn’t show what we do like the new one does.”

The seemingly simple act of communicating exactly what a company can do isn’t always easy to achieve, particularly in a complex B2B context. Thoughtful UX, design, content strategy, and copywriting bridge this paradox and create the foundation for a successful website. Of Windmill, Progressive Systems notes, “We couldn’t have asked for more from everyone on your team, from project management, graphic design, user experience, copywriting, importing of media, site functionality, and ease of maintaining the site in the future for us. It took a wide variety of skills, and your team is very talented and professional.”

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