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B2B Website Redesign for a Custom Converted Materials Manufacturer

A Custom Website Redesign Reflects PLITEK’s Full Capabilities

In their first website redesign in a decade, PLITEK wanted to demonstrate the full breadth of their services and capabilities, appeal to additional markets, improve on keyword search rankings, and align with current best digital practices. Visually, they were looking for something more distinctive than a basic, cookie-cutter website.

PLITEK chose Windmill Strategy because of our low-key sales approach and our experience with B2B technical and industrial clients. Our nimble structure and private ownership also appealed to the decision-makers at PLITEK.

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Services Utilized

  • Analytics and Insights
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Web Design & Development


  • Blog/News
  • Careers listing and application process
  • Case Studies


  • 22% increase in organic traffic
  • 66% increase in conversions

About Plitek

PLITEK is an expert manufacturer and custom converter of precision die-cut components and converted materials, including thin-gauge films, plastics, foams, and adhesives, for a wide range of industries. They also supply specialized products such as PLI-VALV package degassing solutions and PLI-TAB merchandising solutions.

Situation: A Decade-Old Website Did Not Reflect Full Capabilities or a Look and Feel that Inspired Trust

PLITEK had most recently redesigned its website in 2011. Updating and expansion were urgently needed to bring the website into alignment with best practices, to generate more leads, and to improve PLITEK’s digital presence. The 2011 website did not reflect the company’s full range of capabilities, markets, and products, nor did it reflect the quality of their offerings. The outdated website focused too heavily on the PLI-VALV and PLI-TAB products and gave short shrift to the company’s full converting and die-cutting capabilities.

Solution: Strategic Planning Up Front to Create a Robust Sitemap

Strategy for the redesign was determined by the need to showcase PLITEK’s full converting and die-cutting capabilities and the wide range of markets these capabilities can serve. The company has more capabilities under one roof than most of its competitors, and the new website needed to clearly demonstrate this. We began by working with the client to strategically develop a robust sitemap that would encompass deep content for their key audiences and improve the website’s SEO.

B2B Manufacturer Web Design Plitek Mobile ResponsiveTo help build out content for the purpose of showcasing PLITEK’s offerings to a wider range of markets, particularly automotive and medical, we conducted interviews with subject matter experts and wrote content for a group of high-level pages. We then trained the marketing team on how to craft and enter the content they were writing in-house, and we helped them set milestones for completing content to fall in line with the overall production schedule. A positioning- and capabilities-led homepage and well-organized page layouts throughout the site capture and maintain user engagement.

To help prospects find the information they are looking for, and to instill trust in Plitek’s breadth and depth of services, we developed a robust applications section that allows visitors to filter by capabilities, services, and markets. This feature guides prospects through the complexity of PLITEK’s offerings and the wide variety of industries they serve, from automotive and aerospace to packaging and merchandising, while helping them narrow in to the content most relevant to their unique use case. With site-wide CTAs, website visitors can easily opt to learn more, contact the company, or request a quote no matter what page they are on. Datasheets and other technical resources are also freely available to download.

To improve organic search rankings, we performed on-page optimization for the entire site, instead of just key pages. Organic traffic increased by 22% as a result.

The organization, navigation, robust content, keyword optimization, and modern design of PLITEK’s custom website have succeeded in increasing conversions by 66%. The new website reflects the company’s full capabilities, brand identity, and quality of offerings, while optimizing for organic search as well as user engagement and conversion.

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