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Digital Marketing for Precision Filtration Manufacturer

Updated Manufacturing Digital Marketing Strategy Improves Engagement and Lead Metrics

Mott Corporation, a leading manufacturer of precision filtration products, knew that their digital marketing, especially their Google paid search program, had stagnated. Rapid company growth and recent acquisitions meant they needed to modernize their digital marketing strategy to more accurately represent the Mott brand online.

Working with Windmill Strategy for the first time, the Mott team was eager to begin this realignment by overhauling their paid search efforts to align with company strategy. Through timely collaboration and trust in Windmill’s manufacturing digital marketing expertise, Mott was able to reset the trajectory of its paid search campaigns and overarching strategy, resulting in a large increase in engagement and lead metrics.

Services Utilized

  • Analytics and Insights
  • Digital Marketing
  • Paid Media
  • PPC
  • SEO


  • Lead Generation
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Landing Page Audits
  • Advanced Reporting Dashboards


  • Impressions increased 50%
  • Clicks increased 109%
  • CTR increased 39%
  • Leads increased 93%
  • Cost per lead decreased 6%

About Mott Corporation

Mott is a precision filtration company trusted by the world’s best technical and performance brands across markets including medicine, computing power, clean energy, and space exploration. Mott’s products can be found in everything from lifesaving medical devices to artificial intelligence to the Mars Rover. Established in 1959, and headquartered in Farmington, CT, the company is 100% employee owned.


Outdated Paid Search Ads Driving Low-Quality Leads

Mott’s paid search program incorporated many keywords that had become irrelevant since the effort began three years earlier. Ad quality and resulting lead quality were poor. Mott’s team believed there was great potential to drive new business by investing in a cohesive digital marketing strategy. Their goal was to better align paid search with company strategy and increase form fills from paid campaigns. Windmill Strategy, initially through its Quick Start process and subsequently through an account audit, identified opportunities to address Mott’s concerns and modernize the company’s digital marketing.


Keyword Auditing and New Campaign Copy Aimed at Primary Growth Markets

Mott was committed to scrubbing the existing paid search campaigns aimed at its five main growth markets and completely overhauling them. In partnership, Windmill and Mott ran keyword audits for the existing campaigns, marking and eliminating keywords that were no longer relevant.

We used the Keyword Planner tool in Google Ads to forecast the performance of potential new keywords. Incorporating both new and relevant existing keywords, Windmill wrote all-new ad copy for each campaign, creating:

  • A total of 44 new ads (2 per ad group)
  • Up to 15 headlines per ad
  • Up to 4 descriptions per ad

Because responsive search ads work by drawing from a pool of up to 15 headlines and four descriptions per ad, we used batched ad copy docs to send to the client for approval. Instead of sending each individual ad for proofing, this templated document, segmented by campaign and ad group, allowed for quick and easy review and approval.

To make sure that Mott’s desired audience of engineering/R&D directors in five main growth markets would be able to take action easily after clicking on an ad, Windmill performed a landing page audit to make sure CTAs were prominently displayed. Now, anyone who clicks through can immediately understand what to do next.

Throughout, Windmill modeled best practices to help Mott modernize its understanding of how to cohesively pursue digital marketing strategies. Both Mott and Windmill were committed to timely action and feedback to meet an expedited deadline for this campaign overhaul, driven by the business objective of generating more leads and higher-quality leads as soon as possible.


Impressive Increases in Engagement and Lead Metrics, As Well As A Better Understanding of Best Practices and Campaign Data

Windmill tracks digital marketing campaigns through the Google Looker Studio reporting dashboard. In this case, Windmill created an additional working dashboard, updated every other week, to show the improvements in metrics from the launch date of the digital marketing overhaul.

109% Increase in Clicks

50% Increase in Impressions

93% Increase in Leads Since Launch of the Campaigns

39% Improvement in Click-Through Rate (CTR)

6% Decrease in Cost per Lead

Throughout this process, Windmill and Mott built a good working relationship, leading to ongoing projects and new business opportunities.

Windmill Strategy is a web design company & digital marketing agency helping B2B industrial automation manufacturing companies achieve increased visibility, higher quality leads, and greater marketing ROI through smarter digital marketing. Our website design and B2B digital marketing approach goes beyond “more traffic,” seeking out better traffic, by gaining the attention of the specific niche groups of buyers and influencers that represent your best customers. We help our clients communicate and sell their complex products and services to multiple audiences – be it through web design or digital marketing and SEO. Working collaboratively with your in-house marketing and sales team, we implement digital marketing strategies that drive leads and sales that result in overall business growth.

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