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OE Manufacturer Website Design and Branding

OE manufacturer branding and website design to connect with an engineering audience

Symtec manufactures heated accessories for the recreational vehicle, agricultural, and industrial verticals. Recent changes to the market have made it more difficult for companies to maintain their competitive edge. Windmill Strategy created visual branding that put Symtec miles ahead of the competition, while helping them tell the most important parts of their story. The result is a clear brand message and a strong online presence that gives Symtec an edge in sales and marketing.

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Services Utilized

  • Web Development and Design
  • Branding & Visual Design


  • WordPress
  • Logo Refresh
  • Industry/Application Pages


  • Search visibility resulting in inquiries from new engineers/customers
  • Positioning for expansion into new markets
  • Confidence from referrals within existing accounts

About Symtec

Symtec is an innovative manufacturer tackling a unique challenge, creating vehicle accessories that maintain operator warmth and comfort in cold climates and during inclimate weather. This high-level of specialization has led to a successful OE business that services the recreational vehicle, agricultural, and industrial verticals.

Growing in a Changing Market

OEM Manufacturing Web Design Case Study Symtec HomepageSymtec has enjoyed a successful, stable business for over 25 years. But, recent changes to the industry put it at risk. Previously, customers would rely on multiple vendors to handle their OE needs, this made it easier to for Symtec to maintain a broad customer base. Today these customers are attempting to consolidate their vendors to a few trusted partners with excellent reputations.

Changes have also occurred to how inventory is stored and to production lead times. This has made it more difficult for traditional OE manufacturers to keep paces with their competitors. Add in the industry’s strict quality control and it’s understandable why reputation was so important to Symtec.

When asked why he reached out, Riley Harlan, CEO of Symtec, explained “Our company expanded its offerings significantly. That, combined with the fact that our website was in need of a refresh, led us to contact Windmill Strategy.”

Strengthening Reputation through Visual Branding

OEM Manufacturing Web Design Case Study Symtec InteriorOutdated marketing and visual design is commonplace in the manufacturing industry. Symtec made an investment in their brand identity and established themselves as a leader in their industry by choosing Windmill Strategy. We were able to work directly with their team, review their overall growth plan, and produce a powerful online presence that put them miles ahead of the competition.

Symtec’s prospects include technically-minded engineers looking for specific solutions and corporate buyers looking for company credentials. Windmill Strategy crafted an intuitive, appealing website design architecture to address both groups. Since Symtec’s solutions are truly custom we put the focus squarely on demonstrating capabilities and applications, instead of existing product lines. In this way, we were able to highlight the value of Symtec’s solutions and attract the right buyers.

Quality Products, Quality Marketing

After working with Windmill Strategy, Symtec was able to solidify its position as a market leader. Its website design and brand identity now reflect its dedication to quality and innovation. This has turned Symtec’s website into a valuable sales and marketing tool that speaks to a technical audience, allowing them to learn about Symtec and its capabilities without the typical B2B barrier of needing to talk to a rep right away. This leads to happier engineers, better calls, and better results.

What Symtec Had to Say

“The team at Windmill did a great job of listening to our needs and clearly communicating their plan. They were patient with us through the revision process and did a great job of staying on schedule. The final result better fits our evolved company and feedback from customers and prospects has been great! Our new offerings are covered and the site gives us legitimacy in the market.”

– Riley Harlan, President and CEO at Symtec


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