Windmill Strategy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few answers to questions that we sometimes get asked. Do you have a question that you don’t see here? Contact us and we’ll welcome the conversation!

What makes your web design agency different from other web design agencies?

We are different because we focus on helping B2B marketers with technical products and services, particularly technology, industrial and manufacturing. We’ve consciously chosen this niche for our services, allowing us to tailor our approach and help our clients more deeply, with a greater understanding of their unique needs. An ABM style approach to everything we do guides us toward quality leads over quantity, supporting your sales efforts and focusing on business metrics over clicks, likes or traffic alone. In addition to this niche focus, these qualities differentiate us from other web design agencies: 

  • Smart Solutions
    We listen to your unique needs, then deliver smart, high-quality solutions that are right-sized to meet your objectives and your budget.
  • Powerful Processes
    Our proven processes and commitment to continuous improvement greatly increase efficiency, delivering excellent results and ensuring your project stays on schedule.
  • Communication & Collaboration
    We’ll ensure there are no surprises, keep everyone focused on a common goal, and allow you to gain new skills and knowledge in the process.

Have you worked with a company like mine before?

Every company is unique, but our overall focus is helping B2B companies with technical products and services, particularly within technology, industrial, life sciences and manufacturing. Here are some of the things that our B2B clients tend to have in common: 

  • Complex products & services
  • Niche audiences
  • Multiple personas / ABM 
  • Long sales cycles
  • Transitioning from traditional selling to digital marketing
  • Global reach & supply chain, GDPR 
  • CRM, ERP, MAT integrations

You’ll find more detail about who we help on our “about you” page. If you’re outside of this range, contact us to assess whether there’s a good fit, if not we can refer you to someone who might fit your needs better. 

Why is your web design proposal more expensive?

Our services are cost competitive, and we work closely together to build a cost and scope that meets and exceeds your needs. We’re often not the cheapest or the most expensive (depending on who else you’re talking to), but our services and pricepoints offer a  greater value, which drives the success of your project. Here are a few reasons: 

  • Listening to you, and building custom solutions. Our process includes taking the time to get to know you and your business and build a custom solution for you and your needs. Our approach is what we call “Smart Solutions.” We listen to your unique needs, then deliver smart, high-quality solutions that are right-sized to meet your objectives and your budget. Sometimes this means not overbuilding or redesigning an entire website when a low cost solution is what you need; sometimes it means building your web presence  from the ground up. Some low cost vendors always lean on providing an off-the-shelf website design theme, a proprietary system, or a limited solution, our advice is aways to fully understand what you’re getting.  
  • Senior level staff. Additionally, we don’t hire junior staff, which can often provide cheaper but less experienced labor. Our team is experienced and multidisciplinary, and you’ll work with our leadership team and other senior-level marketing and web design experts.
  • You’ll learn from us. Our work builds in a level of facilitation and training; the deliverables come with a team of people who will guide you through the project, what to look out for, and the pros and cons of each decision point. We see our role as facilitators and you’ll benefit from a transfer of knowledge by working with us. 
  • We understand your industry. Our focus on technical industries means that you’ll spend less time educating us. While your business is unique, and you’ll be the subject matter experts for your business, we understand the patterns and specific needs of your team, your salespeople, and your prospects. 
  • Outcomes. Your deliverables will be specific to your business, attract and engage your specific niche audience. Clients have experienced up to 300% growth in traffic, and 50% increases in qualified leads. 

All of this being said, part of our web design proposal process is to work collaboratively with you to arrive at a budget and scope that meets your business needs and delivers ROI. If you have a proposal from us and are comparing it to others, or feeling it’s out of reach, let’s talk so that we can help. 

How long will my web design project take?

It depends. We’re often asked “how long does it take to build and launch a website?” As a ballpark, 3-6 months is a good starting point for a website build. Digital marketing Strategy Quick Start projects take about 6 weeks, and then you’ll start seeing traction monthly. To answer the “how long” question more fully, though, we’ll need to have a conversation, and ask you questions like – 

  • What extent of resources and effort could be reasonably and appropriately spent on this project?
  • What is the problem that this initiative will solve?
  • What is the timeline based on your business need for this to be deployed and active?

By working together, we can often problem solve to deliver critical needs ahead of a full project delivery. 

How quickly can we get started with our website redesign?

Once we align on a statement of work (SOW) in the form of a proposal, and the down payment is received, we’ll typically schedule the kickoff meeting 2-4 weeks out, and be off and running. Sometimes we have availability sooner, or later, and there’s always wiggle room for extremely urgent needs.  

Are there any long-term contract commitments?

No, our ongoing engagements are typically month-to-month with no required year-long commitments or contracts, so you have the ability to increase or decrease budget allocations as your business needs change. We aim for you to see value every month that you work with us. 

How much are ongoing digital marketing or web hosting costs?

It depends based on your needs, how many services we’re providing, and at what volume. Basic security, maintenance and hosting covers the basic needs for most websites at $165/month. Ongoing digital marketing, content generation and/or support services can range from as-needed and billed on a time and materials basis, to a few reserved hours monthly, to a few thousand dollars for ongoing digital marketing. We don’t believe in set one-size-fits-all packages, as they generally don’t fit anyone’s needs well, so we tailor a scope of work for each client, based on their needs, and can modify a monthly budget at any time. 

Do you outsource any web design or development work? How many people are on your team and where are they located? If you use contractors, how am I guaranteed I’ll get a good outcome?

  • Our team is composed of about half full time W2 employees who head up our leadership team and the major disciplines or roles of our company, along with a group of regular team-members who are 1099 and work on specific projects. This is a small roster of contractors we work with exclusively, time and time again, with relationships going back ten years or more. They’re all US-based, many within the Minneapolis area, and we consider them part of our team. This decision to have contractors on staff is intentional. Many areas of marketing are so hyper specialized it makes more sense for us to seek out the best of the best working in technical writing, SEO, web application development or other areas, and build relationships with them. Those experts don’t necessarily want to be full time staff and we’re ok with that. Ultimately, this provides a better outcome for you, with senior-level experts working on your account, where other web design agencies might be supplementing with junior staff. At the end of the day, you’re working with our team. 

What platform should we build our website in?

It depends. We’re generally technology/software agnostic, and work together to find the right solution for you and your unique situation. WordPress is a very common CMS with a wide user base and large developer pool, as well as one of the most user-friendly CMSs out there, so it’s often a go-to for marketing websites. Squarespace can be good for very simple needs, microsites or events. HubSpot has great marketing automation tie-ins. Concrete5 is a good alternative for a marketing website as well. Drupal can be a good fit for very complex needs, as well as custom or Laravel framework web applications. For e-commerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, or WooCommerce tend to be good fits for different use cases. E-commerce platforms are often combined with CMSs (such as WordPress or Concrete5) for specific use cases. Our goal is to uncover your needs now and 3-7 years into the future, so that your next website is built on a platform that will serve you now and as you grow. 

Ask us a web design or digital marketing question.

Do you have a question that you don’t see here? Contact us and we’ll welcome the conversation. It may inspire a future insight article.