Q: Is there a limit to how many projects Windmill can handle at one time?

Yes – with the philosophy of quality over quantity in mind, we do limit the number of projects and ongoing accounts that we take on at any given time. Our team is a blend of W2 full-time staff and a well-vetted group of contractors, which allows us to expand and contract our team and bandwidth, however, we also carefully plan the workloads of our Account Project Manager or Digital Account Managers so that they can dedicate the proper amount of time and attention to each client. There is no set limit of projects or accounts that we can serve concurrently, as project size and engagement size will vary, however, it’s typical for us to service 15-20 website projects and roughly the same number of ongoing marketing engagements at any given time. We often have a waiting list of 3-6 weeks for onboarding new clients and projects, in order to ensure a good outcome for both our team and our clients.

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