Q: Do you complete all work in-house or is anything outsourced?

Windmill Strategy is a fully distributed, U.S.-based team of senior-level experts, headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, and serving clients nationwide.

Our staffing model aims to have the majority of our disciplines and resources in-house (as “W2 full-time employees”), especially for roles that are responsible for delivering strategy, client satisfaction, and quality control.

We augment our in-house team with additional U.S.-based, senior-level, professional freelancers (as “1099 contractors”), typically across design, development, digital marketing and copywriting disciplines. These are the same professional freelancers we’ve worked with for years, so they come well-vetted and are experts in their own right; they know the rest of the team and we aren’t scrambling to find someone to work on your project when you’re ready to get going.

How does this benefit you?

  • If there are tight timeline requirements for your project, we can augment our capacity based on resources available at the time to extend the amount of work we can complete for you in a shorter period of time. Without this extended team, there may be undesirable delays in project acceptance to kickoff for your project.
  • If something is pushing our core internal capabilities, we’ll tap into a resource that has more experience to deliver a higher-quality solution often with less scope (less budget) or on a short timeline (more efficiently).
  • Our contractors contribute heavily to improving our processes and standards as they have their own outside experiences to contribute to such improvements. This means the process and work we deliver will be more consistent and of higher quality.

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