Q: Are there yearly contracts for ongoing marketing work?

Our service contracts are month-to-month (no minimum contract length) and can be viewed as a block of time to be allocated toward the highest priority and highest ROI activities in a given month or quarter.

We structure our contracts this way to hold both teams accountable to collaborate and implement recommendations that will help you reach your goals.

  • If we’re not providing value or helping you achieve your goals, we don’t want you to resent our work or our team by being stuck in a contract that forces you to continue working with us. That has never led to a good relationship.
  • On the flip side, if we’re not able to effectively help you with limitations or hurdles in working with your team, this contract structure ensures there is a mutually beneficial relationship while we’re working together.

Note: there may be different terms (and lengths) in contracts with other third parties for things like software licenses or media expenses. Windmill Strategy always recommends clients procure these licenses directly with the third party, so please review their contract(s) prior to any acceptance of their terms.

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