Q: How much of a client’s time is needed to complete a project?

For a website design project, the amount of time spent varies during each phase. During the strategy and planning phase, you can expect to spend about an hour a week in meetings and phone calls talking through strategy and positioning questions. Additional time will also be needed to respond to emails from our team in regards to site structure and preliminary designs.

During the content gathering and editing phase is where your involvement will increase. The level of involvement during this stage is dependent on the options selected in the proposal. This might include taking content either from the existing site as it’s available, pulling it from other resources, or maybe it’s the case of new pages that we don’t have content for and needs to be written. The total amount of time during the phase can vary depending on the size of the website.

As your project starts to reach the finish line your team will be needed less and less as content begins to be finalized. Aside from final approvals and last-minute content changes, your involvement will be minimal as we work to get your site ready for launch and perform our quality checks.

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