Q: How many rounds of revisions and changes are included?

Our projects are planned to accommodate budget and timeline for three or fewer rounds of revisions, however, our goal is to produce impactful work that meets our client objectives and needs, and we will iterate proofs with collaborative feedback as needed until objectives have been met. We keep projects on track by presenting proofs early and often, presenting major proofs throughout the strategy & planning and design phases via virtual meeting, so we can gather initial impressions and talk through feedback questions during the meeting, and then giving your team time to thoroughly review and send any additional feedback via email. If for some reason it feels like we’ve ever missed the mark with what we’ve presented, we’ll have a focused conversation around how to get things back on track.

Some projects of course do experience changes in scope, for instance a change in direction mid-project; if a project is tracking over-budget we’ll have a conversation about it early on, to strategize ways to keep the project moving forward with everyone’s best interests in mind, and no surprises.

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