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We help organizations with complex offerings attract and convert their ideal audiences. B2B web design & development, digital marketing & SEO, visual design, UX, analytics.

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We’re your guide through the modern and ever-evolving web and digital marketing landscape. Communicate the value of your products and services with clarity and precision. Engage multiple audiences. Increase the bandwidth and expertise of your marketing team. Agile improvements and large projects, combining best practices with your unique needs, for better leads, sales, and ROI. Located in Minneapolis, serving clients nationwide. 

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Minneapolis web design and digital marketing that helps B2B companies with complex offerings attract and convert their ideal audiences.

Complex offerings? Complicated messaging? No problem, that’s what our custom web design services and process are built for. For over a decade, we’ve helped B2B marketers accelerate growth through powerful digital marketing. Whether you need help with a new website, updated branding, SEO, paid search, ABM, print materials or marketing automation, we’ve got you covered. Not sure where to start? We’ll collaborate on a plan that prioritizes your goals.

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Your customers, just like your business, are technical and sophisticated, seeking quality and trust. Your marketing needs to reflect this.

To achieve higher quality and quantity lead generation, you need to engage and empower your niche audiences, offer a great digital experience, share relevant information that speaks their language, and completely avoid marketing fluff and irrelevant B2C strategies. We help manufacturing and industrial companies gain market share and surpass the competition through modern marketing, with nimble plans that are geared to prioritize your ROI. 

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What clients are saying about us...

David Wiegand
20:46 04 Jan 22
 We initially chose Windmill because of their depth of experience in helping industrial and manufacturing clients through similar website and marketing projects. They were big enough to get the job done yet small enough to give us great attention to detail and our account. Our new website has received lots of positive comments from the team and our announcement on LinkedIn, and we're very excited to start seeing traction with attracting qualified leads through our ongoing marketing work together.
Murray Fussell
23:58 03 Jan 22
Many thanks to the entire Windmill team for leading us through our website project! We especially appreciate Maria for being our guide from start to finish. From the outset of our website project, we were seeking to improve our organic performance, and wanted a partner that had experience in implementing HubSpot. While it's too soon to measure an increase in organic traffic, we have a solid foundation and analytics in place to review and make continuous improvement. A harder to measure outcome of this project is the value added to the internal sales team in the way of more images, links and specs/information available to send to prospective customers.
Doug S
17:16 20 Dec 21
My client is small manufacturer of industrial materials, I looked at a significant number of agencies who have expertise in B2B technical marketing, web design, Wordpress and Hubspot. Windmill was the best choice and our project experience with them proved that out. Our progression through the project was efficient, very well managed and we are happy with our new website. The project team was professional and responsive. Now our challenge is to improve our SEO position and drive more organic traffic. I look forward to working with Windmill's marketing team to lift organic traffic above our historical baselines.
Omar Ilsever
16:04 17 Dec 21
The team at Windmill is fantastic! When we setout to build our new site, the objective was to build a simple, clean website that better established our newer division in the market , and Windmill delivered just that. Communication with Windmill was far better than past experiences, and we were very satisfied with Emily and the team throughout the project. I've launched several websites over the last 16 years and this was one of, if not, the best website experiences I've worked on. Thank you for your assistance and service!
Diane Govenat
16:51 08 Dec 21
Windmill is great to work with - they were very patient as we stretched out our website redesign to a much longer schedule than originally anticipated. The entire team is very responsive and creative. They listen and provide great customer service. I would highly recommend Windmill!
Brad Henry
18:19 02 Dec 21
I’ve really enjoyed working with Windmill and hands down have been the best technical/website partner I’ve worked with. I wouldn’t have been successful at TPGi without their knowledge, hard work, and creative problem-solving capabilities.

We’ll help you translate technical jargon into a compelling story, and get it to the right people.

With B2B custom products, services and solutions, you need web design that provides a balance of specifications and possibilities to provide confidence that you can solve the customer’s problem. The goal is to provide enough information to entice them to pick up the phone or start an online chat, instead of moving on to the next website that answers their questions in more detail. Our writers are experienced in interviewing technical staff, and creating compelling, informative, technically sound marketing content.

Another challenge is driving traffic to your website. With technical and niche offerings, you’re not trying to get every person in the world to come to your site, but are looking for a highly specific audience. You want your website to be a place to start client relationships, and drive quality leads, not simply quantity. To achieve that goal you need marketing campaigns that appeal to the right audience, as well as marketing automation to help harness and nurture new leads.

Make Marketing Your Competitive Edge

Working with Windmill has provided us with a new outlook in the digital marketspace and how we can achieve better results. They listened to our marketing plan, understood it and developed a plan that is aligned with our marketing goals and objectives. I would highly recommend that any manufacturing company meet with Windmill to see how they can help you.
Scott BinleyIntegrated Marketing, Intek Plastics

Web design and marketing services to turn visitors into customers.

You need to get the right traffic to your site, engage them and turn them into leads. That’s why our Minneapolis team’s web design strategy starts with identifying your target audience, their challenges, and how they communicate. This understanding helps us flesh out the needs of the technical buyers, influencers, purchasers, or other personas within your ideal customer profile so we can build an efficient and focused plan. This plan can leverage web design, SEO, and inbound marketing, sales enablement and ABM efforts to attract and convert your ideal audience. With your goals, messaging, and marketing tools in sync your business will flourish.

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We believe in choosing the right tool for every job. Below are a few of our most important tools, certifications and partnerships.